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Case 1- Saffronart

By Geffen-Chen Sep 16, 2014 412 Words
Case 1: Bidding for Success

Identify the positive and negative effects of the general environment faced by Positive:
India has become an international business major power of country now. Local works of art more popular in the international market, not only in India or the United States; it extends the size of the population may be interested in Saffronart art sales geography in the world. In economic areas: global positive macroeconomic trends, promote the development of economic productivity. In the field of social and cultural: Indian cultural products, from fashion to Bollywood film arts, are more and more popular in the international arena. Technology areas: increased online trading / e-commerce in favor of self-branding, making India Internet users continues to increase. Natural environments: India has a cheap and convenient international maritime freight and long-distance trains. In global art-related market, due to good sales performance, artists strive to create more and better works of art.

Kind of Profiteers will be at a lower price to buy local art goods sold at a higher price abroad, it makes a huge difference prices between in Indian art of local and international market.

Identify the 5-forces of the industry environment. How is positioned relative to each of them? Art industry is profitable, because most forces buyer power, supplier power, threat of new entrants, the threat of competition, the lower the threat of substitutes. Low and medium buyer are some of rich people who are consider they are social status among elite individuals of social important. Therefore, they are always willing to pay a high price for the fine art and dominant in schools. In the threat of new entrants, Dinesh and Minal, they are having long-term relationships with buyers and artists. Saffronart is emerging leader in the Indian art market has a good reputation. In the auction field, Saffronart also has a great success. In Supplier Power: High. Leading suppliers have the ability to price and pop art, suppliers only provide the fine art to art galleries or dealers, exclusive access they represent artists and their works. Suppliers can custom made a particular artistic style, through the establishment of a special art collection to send a message to art school is what kinds of art are what the user needs and dominant trends at the end. In addition, the supplier provides irreplaceable collections are other galleries do not have, because they affect demand for the industry's profitability.

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