Lancer Gallery Case Study

Topics: Department store, Debenhams Pages: 2 (628 words) Published: April 13, 2013
MAR 4804 Spring 2013 CRN 10215
Case study #3 (Lancer Gallery), 04/10/2013

Lancer Gallery sources and sells a larger assortment of African and South American artifacts, as well as Native American jewelry and pottery. Their headquarters is out of four different major U.S. cities, but Lancer calls Phoenix, Arizona home. They originated in the 1900s and developed a wonderful reputation as one of the most respected sources of artifacts and replicas.

Lancer Gallery being such a large company in a specialized industry it can have its challenge. Lancer Gallery’s main challenge is to decide whether or not they want to risk the possibility of repositioning their selves. A mass merchandise department store chain has presented the company with an offer that may be hard to refuse. It is estimated that they will receive revenues of $4 million annually by signing this contract. The catch is they have to mass produce replicas. Lancer Gallery does not know if they want to reposition their business to be known as a company that’s main product is replicas. This also conflicts with the image that Lancer is considered to be a brand that has limited distribution. This may hurt their image, price structure, as well as upset current distributors. Although they having some decisions to make and problems to solve, Lancer Gallery luckily has strong attributes to help them along the way. Lancer Gallery’s competitive competency is quality. Although competition has become more of an issue because there is more of it, a lot of the competition is what can be described as “fly-by-night competitors.” These are companies that charge immense price for unauthentic artifacts or art with no quality standard. This can give the industry a bad name. On the bright side this could make Lancer Gallery’s products that much better of a value and more sought after. Regardless of their strengths competition is always a hurdle. The competitive landscape in recent years has shown that...
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