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Topics: Marketing, Pricing
Kimley Ferguson
BUS 116 DL01

Ken Done Studios Case Study

1.How does Ken incorperate the four P’s into a creative, effective, intergrated marketing effort?

Product- From trying to move one product, he developed a line of products initially used as advertising that eventually became worthy of selling as well.
Price- His prices are set in such a way that most items are affordable to those truly interested in them while drawing from the uniqueness of his art style to justify them costing more than average.
Place- He not only has his own stores but his products are available through partnerships with other, larger companies (in a more diminished capacity now than previous years) internationally as well as a web presence.
Promotion- He is able to rely heavily on word of mouth and physical location with minimal actual effort and money spent to advertise.

2.What is the product mix that Ken Done’s enterprises have developed?

t shirts and seasonal apparel 40% women’s fashion 20% swimwear 15% children’s products 10% accessories 10% art work 5%
Though his initial product for sale was his artwork, has smartly adjusted the bulk of his product line to reflect the items in the highest demand therefore greatest potential for profit.

3.How are his products distributed (through what channels)?

Licensing agreements with stores, his own company stores and the web. Domestically he now runs two boutique retail stores which focuses on moving a limited product range while online the inventory is greater.

4.Take a look at Done’s retail stores on the internet. Set the pricing to USD and browse through the web site. What Pricing strategy is employed by the company?

Though the case reading states that “bread and butter items are priced competitively...Other products are sold to set the pitch for retail environments..” over all, Done’s price strategy appears to be prestige pricing. Several products are average in production quality but his artwork on it creates the high

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