Career Management Plan

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InterClean Career Management Plan
Christy Devore
University of Phoenix

InterClean Career Management Plan
A career management plan is a plan that has been developed in order to help managers guide employees in a positive direction, which in turn helps employees to become successful. The plan here at InterClean includes setting goals, assessing those goals and devising plans to reach those goals. As the manager of this new team, the number one goal is to make sure that my employees know what is expected of them and then to facilitate performance. Expectations will be covered during orientation and training. As time goes by, the team will be assessed individually through performance appraisals and behavior checklists. The appraisals will be completed quarterly and proper feedback will be given so that each employee can take the necessary steps to becoming successful and meeting individual and company goals. As a manager it will be my responsibility to make sure that my employees have the supplies needed to complete their work, proper functioning equipment, effective work methods and clearly stated expectations. I will also make sure that my team is treated fair, has the opportunity to share their ideas and given proper feedback.

Feedback is extremely important so that employees can recognize tasks that are being completed incorrectly as well as correctly. Performance appraisals will be completed quarterly for each individual employee on the new InterClean team. The appraisals results will then be assessed so that a mutual plan can be devised for each employee to better help themselves reach the beginning goals and begin making any necessary changes. Each employee will meet with myself to discuss the results and determine the best way to improve their performance. During this meeting, we will also cover their strengths so they receive credit for the positive tasks they complete. Based on individual needs,...
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