Employee Portfolio: Management Plan

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Employee Portfolio: Management Plan

Three employees from the same company were given a series of self-assessment questionnaires. These three employees report to the same manager and often work together on special projects. The self-assessments gather information about each person and their personality, individual character and job satisfaction. The first employee is satisfied with the majority of his job description but he lacks enthusiasm and excitement. He has an overall general positive attitude and is dedicated to his work. The biggest complaint is with the hourly pay rate he is currently receiving. Since he is a new employee it is likely that the new certification incentive program will help him achieve his rate of pay needs. This employee is highly motivated and determined to go after the things he wants so it is necessary for the company to retain him. His positive attitude and great social skills can be helpful in developing his co-workers into having positive attitudes - these positive attitudes can improve performance. Recommendations for other assessments will not be necessary at this time however; the use of the same assessments may be helpful once this employee has been working here for more than a year and is fully certified. The next employee that completed the self-assessments is passionate about the company’s mission statement and adores the way the employees follow the conduct of operations. This satisfaction is what helps employees make the correct decisions in an ethical manner and while referring to the correct information – conduct of operations. His continuous need for praise may be devastating to the group if others do not feel equally valued. He is most dissatisfied with the lack of advancement opportunities. Recommend giving him training on leadership then letting him lead a team project geared toward improving change management. During this exercise he should see the need for others to have praise and the...
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