Career Specific Manual

Topics: Saudi Arabia, Academic degree, Master's degree Pages: 5 (1638 words) Published: April 6, 2013
COMM 2312: Technical and Professional Communication

Instructor: Ms. Neva Alexander
Section: 201
Name: Najd K. Alabdullatif
ID: 201001058

Major: Finance
Assignment 3: Career Specific Manual (10%)

My goal is to open my dream elementary school in Khobar City. It will be different than normal schools here in Saudi Arabia. I want it to be the first school in Saudi where the kids can learn and have fun at the same time without any strict instructions or boring rules. Also, I want to change the learning pattern from its old-boring shape to a new one, which will meet the new generation’s needs and requirements. I will search to know about children’s problems in school, what they love and hate the most in school day and why they don’t like to come to school and so on. Then, I will come up with solutions to improve the quality of learning in Saudi Arabia. I will have a school where children don’t get bored and start to love learning rather than hate their schools. Current education:

Bachelor’s degree in Finance at Prince Mohammed bin Fahad University, class of 2015. Required education:
- Master in Educational Administration.
- Master in Psychology.
- Courses in Management.
Current skills/experiences:
- Time Management skills.
- Proven leadership skills.
- “ How to Deal with Schoolchild “ Course.
- Experience in elementary school for one month – an assistant for school’s social counselor. - Good at multi-tasking.
- Strong communication skills.
- Languages: excellent in Arabic, Good in English.
Required skills/experiences:
- More experience in school to observe the current learning environment in general. - Work as a counselor in school to consternate more about the psychological statuses of students in details. Step 1: Graduate from college with honors and a high GPA:

As a college student, my first step as a short-term goal is to finish my bachelor degree at Prince mohammed bin Fahad University in Finance with honors a high GPA. Also, I have to focus on my major and courses I am taking and do all my assignments on the time they due. I have to arrange my time to balance between my academic and my social life. Also, I have to start thinking about the senior project from now. However, at that time I should do some readings about excellent foreigner schools that inspire me to open my own one. Target completion date: 2015

Step 2: Take a six-months break and do some readings and researches: After the hard work I have done, and the most stressful five years I lived, I will take a six-months break to relax my brain and body. Also, it will help me to rearrange my idea and have a better look about the future. While I am in my break I will travel to Qatar to do some researches and to see some samples of excellent schools there, such as Qatar Academy – Member of Qatar Foundation. As a result, that will help me to know more about the good quality management and learning environments. At this time I will get myself ready for my master degree in United States. Target completion date: 2016

Step 3: Master in Educational Administration at Seattle University in Seattle City, USA: After I applied at the Ministry of Higher Education website for King Abdullah Scholarship Program and since I meet the requirements; like my average bachelor’s GPA and since Seattle University is accredited by the ministry of Higher Education I expect I will be selected for the scholarship. Then, I will completed all the information and requirements they need. After that, I will travel to Seattle, Washington to complete my master degree. I choose this major because I think it’s very related to what I want to do – my school. Also, this major will help me to better mange my school, it’s focuses on education institutions rather than business institutions. I expect from this master degree to benefit me to get a very good knowledge and a successful career. Target completion date: 2018

Step 4: Work at AlSalam Private School in Khobar to...
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