Cardamom in Ayurveda

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Common name Cardamom (E), Elaichi (H) Sanskrit Ela- , Ela- Latin Elettaria cardamomum–Fructus (Zingiberaceae)
These aromatic seed pods are filled with soothing, relaxing and antispasmodic essential oils. A premium digestive aid and mucus reducer. ENERGETICS
Rasa (taste) Pungent, sweet
Vi-rya (energy) Cooling
Vipa-ka (post-digestive effect)
Gun.a (quality) Light, dry
Dos.a effect VPK-, P+ in excess
Dha-tu (tissue) Plasma, blood, nerve Srotas (channel) Digestive, respiratory, circulatory, nervous
4% volatile oil: Borneol, pinene, humulene, camphor, eucalyptone
(Mills 1991)
Di-pana Stimulates digestion
Pa-cana Digestive
´Su-lapra´samana Alleviates intestinal spasms and pain
Ka-´sahara Stops coughing

va¯sahara Prevents asthma
Anuloma Redirects the flow of vata downwards
Chardinigrahan.a Prevents nausea
Hikka¯nigrahan. a Stops hiccups
´Sirovirecana Cleanses the orifices of the head
Va-ji-karan.a Increases sexual potency BIOMEDICAL ACTION
Carminative, expectorant, diaphoretic, aromatic, antinausea, diuretic INDICATIONS
Digestion Specifically in weak digestion, borborygmus, bloating, flatulence, colic, intestinal pain and indigestion. Cardamom stimulates agni without aggravating pitta and clears excess kledaka kapha from the stomach.
Being anuloma it helps to regulate samana vayu and direct apana vayu downwards; hence beneficial for nausea, vomiting, morning sickness, burping and acidity
Lungs Cough with mucus and asthma with wheezing; it clears avalambaka kapha and regulates vata. Good for sore throats and freshens the breath
Urine Recommended for painful, burning urination (mutrakr. cchra) and aggravated vata in the lower abdomen (Bhavapraka´sa).
* Fennel, cumin, ginger for digestive upsets and intestinal spasms. * Cinnamon, pippali, clove, haritaki for kapha lung problems.
* Honey for coughs from kapha.
* Gokshura, coriander,

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