Dietary Supplement Essay

Topics: Bacteria, Immune system, Lactobacillus acidophilus Pages: 2 (536 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Dietary Supplement is often used to fulfill the body nutrition needs. It’s a group of ingredient to give you enough nutrition in a day that you don’t get in a typical diet. Food supplement can also help with certain diseases like Malabsorption( a condition where your body can not absorb nutrition),and Eating Disorders ( not enough nutrients from the amount of food). Some people believe that taking certain supplement can cure diseases or help them loose weight. Without considering the negative sides effects that can happen. Food Supplements can be good and bad depends on the user and the supplement and causes they are taking it for.

Acidophilus is a Dietary Supplement for people whom are concerned about their digestive health and intestinal health. These Bacteria have been found and use for thousands of years. It is found in a rich sugar environment and dairy products such as yogurt. They are types of bacteria that ingest sugar to replicate. Acidophilus is a very common beneficial bacteria. This group of bacteria consist Lactobacillus acidophilus, L.casei, L,bulgaricus and more.

Taking Acidophilus on a regular basis can help prevent cancer, weight loss, parasites and reduce the occurrence of oral and vaginal area from harmful bacteria like fungi and yeast. It also helps the number of chemical in the aid of digestion. Acidophilus also absorb cholesterol in the intestine this can prevent the cholesterol to reach the arteries and causing damage. This supplement also increases the number of vitamin K. Acidophilus can also relieve asthmas and prevent premature birth convention.

Acidophilus can have negative side effects which are diarrhea minor stomach discomfort, gas and a mild burning in the vaginal area for women. Acidophilus is also very harmful to lactose intolerance because they are found in diary foods and drinks. This supplement contains live bacteria and these bacteria can be turned into a bigger infection. It is also known to weaken the...
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