Capital Punishment

Topics: Capital punishment, Crime, Murder Pages: 1 (611 words) Published: April 19, 2015
The Abolition of capital
Capital punishment or the death penalty has been used by nearly all societies for centuries. Capital punishment is where someone who has committed a crime deemed worthy of death is executed. However no crime is worthy of death. One of the biggest reasons the death sentence should be abolished is because it is irreversible which means that when someone is executed they cannot simply be unexecuted. This inevitably means innocent lives will be lost. An example of this is Cameron Todd Willingham who was wrongly convicted and executed in Texas which has the highest execution rate in the USA. On december 23, 1991 a fire destroyed Cameron Todd Willingham’s house in Texas. When the house burnt down Willingham’s three daughters were killed. Willingham was convicted of murder after forensic experts said they had determined the fire was deliberately lit by him in order to kill his daughters. On October 29, 1992 Willingham was sentenced to death for the alleged murder of his three daughters. Thirteen years later Willingham was executed on February 17, 2004. After his execution speculation surrounding the case arose and it was discovered later in 2011 that all evidence used against Willingham was invalid and he was in fact innocent. This unjustified execution destroyed a family and a good man is no longer here. Not only did Willinham and his family have to carry the burden of Willingham being accused of killing his own beloved daughters, but now his family must endure the fact that he is no longer here and the crime he was convicted of never actually happened. This is one of the most important reasons the death sentence needs to be abolished.

Another significant reason the death sentence needs to be abolished is that in no way is it eradicating crime, in fact it is quite the contrary it is encouraging it. The death sentence is not a means of correcting or reforming a convicted person like prison is intended to be, it is rather a means...
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