Capital Punishment

Topics: Death Penalty, Amnesty International, Capital punishment in the United States Pages: 4 (1170 words) Published: February 26, 2013

Essay question: The Death Penalty is ethically acceptable.

I. Introduction
Thesis statement: Death Penalty helps to decrease the murder’s rate, however it could violate human rights. II. Body
A. The Death Penalty Preventing Future Crimes.
1. The Effect of Deterrence
2. Incapacitation
3. Providing Justice for murder victims
B. Injustice in prosecution
1. Innocence
2. Racial discrimination
C. Consequences of Death Penalty
3. Financial Cost of Death Penalty
4. Alternative Ways

III. Conclusion
Thesis statement: Nevertheless Death penalty is unethical and inhumane; it helps to achieve the balance in the country.

Death penalty is one the debatable topics throughout the world. There is a conflict between law and ethics. Public opinion does not coincide with the state opinion. There are 33 countries, which use death penalty as capital punishment. According to Amnesty International Report, in 2011, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and USA topped the list. According to statistics, in USA 33 states use death penalty as capital punishment and other 17 does not. (Amnesty International, 2011) Death penalty’s primary goal is to make people think twice before doing crime. The Death penalty helps to decrease the murder’s rate, however it could violate human right. The main argument in favor the death penalty is the effect of deterrence people from doing something illegal and unethical. The initial purpose of deterrence effect is to set up the highest price for murder, in order to decrease the rate of homicide. The former president of USA George W. Bush stated in the 2000 Presidential debate, “I think the reason to support the death penalty is because it saves other people’s lives”. However, according to Donohue & Wolfres (2006) death penalties deterrence effect is not based on facts. Deterrence effect is good in theory, but in practice the effect is minor. As Ernest Van Dan Haag (1968,p 281) identified...
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