Capital Punishment

Topics: Death Penalty, Prison, Crime Pages: 4 (1416 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Life is Worthy
The great Martin Luther King once said “ capital punishment is society’s final assertion that it will not forgive”. Although some crimes are indeed so heinous that society feels no way of dealing with them , the death penalty is not the answer. Not only does capital punishment promote barbaric actions by a justice system deemed civilized , it is an insult to justice. The Death Penalty is a miscarriage and a travesty of justice by using excessive measures on crimes committed by fellow citizens.

Looking at the death penalty from an immoral perspective we can draw several facts. From a financial point of view , the death penalty shows us several things. The cost of death penalty is higher than the cost of life in prison and, has the same outcome. Us, as tax payers, have to have maintain as it is, and for the death penalty to be a greater burden on the taxpayers wallet is preposterous. If a fellow citizen were to commit a crime worthy of capital punishment , given life in prison or the death penalty would mean he or she would not be exposed to society anymore , yet life in prison is cheaper than death penalty. It is to say , death penalty is more expensive versus life in prison but , has the same the outcome . By saying that both of these different punishments have the same outcome is that , regardless of the punishments the criminal would never be exposed to society again. In 1993, a study conducted in the state of California found that when applying the death penalty is costs at least 1.25 million more than a life sentence without parole (Eddlem 23). Studies have been conducted and it is evident that the cost of applying the death penalty versus life in prison is an inordinate expense.

Human beings are fallible yet we are must carry out the non-biased and fair duty of justice . Social biases and being that the justice system isn’t infallible , applying the death penalty might be immoral since we aren’t free from error. Needless to say , taking...
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