Can Training Benefits Be Measured

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Can training benefits be accurately measured?
It is without doubt that customer satisfaction is imperative for the very existence of any organization. Customer satisfaction could be viewed as an element, which fuels the sustainability of organisations to operate. However, very few consider customer satisfaction as a measuring tool in determining the effectiveness of training programs in organisations. Bregman and Jacobson’s article though introduces and attempts to determine whether organizations can successfully measure the business results of training through customer satisfaction levels. Whether or not a relationship does exist between training success and customer satisfaction is arguable.

The underlying assumption the article attempts to express to readers is that when it comes to measuring the worthiness of training programs for organisations in the 21st century it can be rather complex and difficult. Ultimately it is relatively hard to determine whether a training program has sufficiently executed its duty in delivering greater success for an organization. Bregman and Jacobson argue in the article that it may in fact not necessarily be desirable for organizations to implement training programs if marginal results are only achieved. Reasons being most employees do not make long term committed behavioral changes after participating in training programs. The authors argue even if drastic results unfold after training programs initiate, how do organisations know it is purely due to the training program and not because of other factors? The article reinforces the message to readers that, today organisations are far too involved in spending large sums of finances to train employees. And overlook in measuring the results of their training expenses. Businesses simply assume that if you train employees this leads to greater performances and results. However, this could not be further from the truth. Evaluating training procedures and understanding the...
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