Can Saltwater Contribute Electricity to the Nation?

Pages: 3 (675 words) Published: September 20, 2014
A.Background of the Study
We ourselves are having a great encounter with the lack of electricity. In our research we found out that our country, Philippines, is having a hard time to decrease rotational Black And brown outs because of the lack of electricity. Now, we came with an answer, the saltwater batteries. We, the group 5, tend to explore the captivating capacity of the saltwater battery in helping us improve one of the most unsolved problems, electricity. B.STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

Can saltwater contribute electricity to the nation?
This study signifies one of the best ways to create electricity with a great help of nature. As we all know and notice, electricity is the most widely used thing not only in the nation but also in the whole world, because of the great consumption that the world needs, we are having a power (electricity) shortage. To give our country a new idea and source, we are giving our own research to help make electricity in our society. D.SCOPE AND LIMITATION

This report will cover the ability of the saltwater to become a battery that would help generate electricity. 1 This report will also explore the captivating characteristics of these saltwater batteries that create electrodes (ions) that are used in generating electricity.

A saltwater battery may not be as strong as other commercial batteries. However, it is safer than other batteries that do contain some harmful chemicals. It is based on electricity made from saltwater. This is something that seems like magic to most people, but is really simple science. The premise is that the energy is produced as the iron oxidizes or is slowly "burned" in the saltwater, producing heat energy. this energy if guided correctly can power a very small, low voltage device. Making a saltwater battery is relatively easy and costs very little or next to nothing to put together....
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