Cameroon Water Filters

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Sam Das
9th Grade Projects: Moorefield
Final Draft
March 13, 2010

What is being done to improve water-related problems in Cameroon?

Plan of Investigation:
The country of Cameroon is facing an increasing number of problems related to water and water contamination. Its poorly maintained water network system is becoming less and less efficient, and a high percentage of Cameroon’s residents don’t have access to safe drinking water. Fortunately, several organizations are working with Cameroon’s government to supply filters and create access to clean water supply networks for rural Cameroonians. Two articles, “Cameroon: Cholera Kills at least 51 in North” about a cholera outbreak in northern Cameroon and “Cameroon: Research Institute for Medicinal Plants - FCFA 2.4 Billion To Reinforce Research” will be evaluated for relevance and reliability. Evidence:

In rural Cameroon, only 47% of the people have access to safe drinking water. (WHO/ Waterwiki) More then 3.4 million people die as a result of water related diseases around the world. (WHO, via VOA News) Several methods already being used to disinfect water contaminated with bacteria include boiling, UV, and chlorine. (Water Project) It is somewhat challenging to get adequate water service to every person because people in parts of rural Cameroon are so spread apart, and getting quality service to those parts may eat into an already strained health budget. (Improving access) Of the 300 or so urban centers with 5000+ people in Cameroon, only 98 have water supply networks. (Waterwiki) Only 58% of the people in urban areas, and 42% in rural areas have access to improved sanitation facilities. This is a problem because if a city doesn’t have sanitation facilities, the wastewater is often dumped into a river, contaminating a source of water for many people. (Waterwiki) In Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon, there is no city-wide wastewater disposal. (UN Habitat) The average rate of water...

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