Cafeteria Lunch Food

Topics: School, Food, Lunch Pages: 1 (362 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Every day, students all across the nation are faced with the challenge of either letting their stomach growl and yelp in pain or choosing to devour the abomination that is cafeteria lunch food. The fact of the matter is that more students will decide to eat the lunch provided to them by their campus but, are they really enjoying it, are these lunches physically appealing to the eye or to the taste buds? When students think of lunch, memories of their summer come surging back and the image in their heads is that of a delicious grilled cheese sandwich prepared with fresh ingredients accompanied with an icy cold splash of pink lemonade on a hot summer’s day. As they walk swiftly through the vast crowd of drab children, they are struck with the realization that this no longer is the case. Instead, their lunch consists of the packaged “goodness” that is sweaty meat and sucrose-filled “fruit cups”. Although a lot of the gooey “goodness” isn’t healthy or in any way appealing it does serve a useful purpose; it is the perfect demonstration of what pure and utter filth looks like. There are many different lunches that a campus’ cafeteria will attempt to make. There are two that seem to be the most commonly accepted by kids, these are the school’s version of pizza and chicken nuggets. It is actually quite understandable why since they’re the only two lunches that are physically similar to what they’re names claim to be. There is an easy way to explain how the school’s version of nuggets makes one feel: worse than one would after having a taste of McDonald’s food. The main source of nausea that is produced by these lunches isn’t quite all in the taste but more in the peculiar odor that emits from these foods. It’s as if something has decomposed in the back of the kitchen and no one has bothered to abolish it. The facts have been stated, cafeteria food is a disgrace to humanity and the art of culinary cooking. These lunches are neither physically appealing to the...
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