Cache Child Care Level 2 Unit 5

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D1. The 4 aspects of professional practice that I have chosen are: Non-judgemental approaches to practice
Time keeping and attendance
Short and long term planning
Supporting colleagues

D2. The reasons why the 4 aspects of professional practices are important because:  Non-judgemental approaches to the practice is very important because you can’t just be pointing fingers at anyone in the setting because you feel that you are right because the same thing might happen to you and you would not like to be blamed for something that you did not do. Good time keeping and the attendance is very important because so many people rely on you to be carrying out your responsibilities this includes the team, the parents and the children. Short and long term planning is important because you will need to use the plan for certain amount of months or years like a short term plan could be for a child or key worker who just started in your setting and will only be there for a few months that is when the short term plan comes in but if the child or the key worker will be there for several years or more that is where the long term plan will come in. Supporting colleagues is important because you are a team and if you were to need help your colleagues would think back to the time that you helped them and help you to. When helping colleagues this would also mean during the setting and also probably outside the setting as well.

D3. When developing the knowledge or skills that will improve aspect of professional practice the practitioner would have to cooperate with each aspect of the professional aspect: When developing the knowledge and skills of Non-judgemental approach in the practice the practitioner would have to always find evidence linking to a crime and the person who committed the crime before pointing fingers at a person. When taking a non-judgemental approach in the setting this shows a positive aspect of work and also that the practitioner is ready to commit to their work in the setting, the practitioner has also shown positive attitude by not using a judgemental approach in the nursery setting. E.g. Practitioner C’s favourite pen goes missing during lunch and practitioner A says that it was practitioner B that took it because they were in the staff room where the pen was last seen practitioner B says that it was not them and feel disgraced and embarrassed for being accused of stealing but during another break practitioner C finds their pen in their store locker and apologizes to practitioner B for any hardship cause during the situation practitioner A also apologizes. When developing knowledge and skill of good time keeping and attendance in the practice the practitioner would have to always plan ahead of time when ever giving a task to complete, have a time chart so that they may highlight their day and what time they are scheduled to do everything e.g. Your nursery is attending a trip to the museum and you as the practitioner have been told that due to the low amount of staff members you will have to accompany the nursery you the practitioner have told your manager that you will attend but the day of the trip you do not turn up because you have overslept. In order for this not to happen to you the practitioner would have to have set out your day before the trip get your clothes and any equipment needed ready, set and alarm for 30 minutes before your usual time of waking up for work so that you will keep up attendance and time keeping. When developing knowledge and skill of short and long term planning in the practice the practitioner would have to always remember to carry a diary around with them so that they may date their tasks and another things that happened during the day that they feel must be dated. Long term planning is when you have planned something from a very long time like from 2011-2012 and as for short time planning when you only have a short period of time to plan an activity in your...
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