Childcare Level 3 Unit 1

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The three different types of setting are statutory, voluntary and private, each of these areas and provide different types of care and education. Statutory education is where the state fund the setting and it is run by the government. Voluntary education is done for free, the carer or the setting volunteer to do the work. This would include leisure activities such as Brownies, Cubs or other types of youth clubs. The workers that are within the setting, do this for free or as a hobby, however if there were to be trips for the children, they would then have to pay expenses. Private is totally different to these two types of settings. Private settings aim to gain money and are a profitable company/business. This includes private tutors, clubs, babysitting, and even some primary/ secondary school and nurseries. Statutory settings don’t usually make any money, as the education is free for the child, such as primary schools, high school, and some nurseries. However statutory settings don’t always include education, they also include health and care. The NHS is a state run health program where children of all ages can receive free medication, doctors’ appointments and are also eligible for free dentistry. Children are also entitled to Child Care Services; this is from the state where if the child were in danger within their home they have a right to be protected by the Child Care Services. Other statutory services available to children are libraries and other leisure activities. This is due to not having to pay a membership and they are still able to access the setting.

Support for the children and their families should be readily available in each type of setting. Statutory settings, ie) state run schools provide a lot of schemes that are there to help the child during their education. For example some children are eligible to ‘Free School Meals’ this is a scheme put in place by the state, whether dependant on how much the child’s household income is they can access ‘Free Meals’, this helps the family financially if they have a lack of money. There are other schemes that help those with money issues for example; some children receive clothing grants when the parents can’t afford to pay for their uniform. For children that may have learning difficulties or those with accessibility difficulties or other disabilities they could have access to free transport to their school or setting, as this is put in place by the government in aid to help the families of the child, and to ensure that the child is still able to receive an education by having help getting there and back. Private school settings such as Badminton Girl’s School the child would have to pass initial examinations in order to receive an interview to receive education from the school. The children attending Badminton Girl’s School undergo a board curriculum including “English Language and Literature, Drama, Mathematics, Science, Food and Nutrition, French, German, Spanish, Latin, History, Geography, Religious Studies, ICT, Music, Creative Arts (painting, drawing, textiles, ceramics, jewellery, metalwork, 3D sculpture), PE and Games.”

There are many legislations within the UK that protect the rights of children, the main one is the ‘United Nation Convention on the Rights of the Child 1989’. This legislation states that Rights are things that every child should have or be able to do, and that every single child has the same rights and should be treated the same. It explains that every child has the right to be alive, and has the right to be treated equal and not to be harmed and they have the right to an identity, and nobody can take that away. Every child has the right to an education, whether it is statutory or private and if the child is disabled they are entitled to a special needs education. It also states that children have the right not to be exploited or harmed in any...
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