Bz380 Management Information Systems

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Assignment 01
BZ380 Management Information Systems
Myles Addison

1. There are many ways in which information systems are transforming business. For instance, it helps create operational excellence. Information systems and technologies are also allowing businesses to create new products, services, and business models. It creates customer and supplier intimacy, and most importantly, improved decision making for businesses. 2. Information systems literacy is the broad-based knowledge of information systems that include behavioral knowledge of companies, along with knowledge of the dimensions, peripherals, and network elements common to most systems. The difference between information systems literacy and computer literacy is that with computer literacy, you only need the knowledge of how a computer works along with the ability to operate the computer as well, i.e. information technology. 3. There are three different dimensions of information systems. The first one is the organizational dimension. This dimension is organized at different levels and specialties. It starts with senior management, then moves to middle management (scientists and knowledgeable workers), and ending with operational management (production, service, and data workers). The next dimension is management. Management responsibilities include being able to predict and handle any situation that may arise out of companies day to day activities. They must exhibit exceptional management skills. They must also be able to create new projects and successfully see them through to the end. The last dimension is the technology dimension. The technology consists of many different areas such as computer hardware, software, data management technology, and network and telecommunications technology. Bibliography

Laudon, Kenneth, & Laudon, Jane (2010). “Management Information Systems”

Bibliography: Laudon, Kenneth, & Laudon, Jane (2010). “Management Information Systems”
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