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HST 3364 Fundamental Marketing for the Hospitality Industry Group Project AY12/13

“Marketing Analysis Report”
Choose an EXISTING organization from one of the following hospitality sectors: hotel/leisure/tourism/airline/MICE/food and beverage. Accomplish a marketing analysis report through discussion and application of marketing principles. Choose your company: Select and study a different organization on a first-come, firstserved basis (Submission Deadline 8th February, 2013, Week 23) 1. Gather information of company background and applying the concept of Macro- and Micro-environment Analysis, which have to be specific to the selected organization Analyze the Target Markets of the selected organization Discuss and analyze the company Marketing Mix Strategies on four aspects: Product, Price, Place and Promotion Give recommendations on future improvement or development of the company Provide relevant information on Appendix and Bibliography FOUR progress reports and ONE final written report in this group project      Remarks: Seminar 09 – Macro-and Micro-environment analysis Seminar 10 – Target market analysis Seminar 11 – Product and Price strategies Seminar 12 – Place and Promotion strategies Final written report submission Seminar 13 (week 35)

Guidelines of report content:

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4. 5.

Progress report has to be submitted by the end of each assigned seminar respectively. Each progress report carries 5 marks with a total of 20 marks to the group assignment. Only students who participate and contribute to the progress report during the seminar are eligible to obtain marks.


HST 3364 Fundamental Marketing for the Hospitality Industry Group Project AY12/13

    Group size: 6-7 students per group (depends on the class size) (4-5 groups in total) Each group has to conduct a 15-minute presentation and 3-minute Q&A session. Group presentation: Seminar 13 and Seminar 14 Marketing analysis report - written copy...
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