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Business-to-Business Messages

By sunshine16718 Jun 17, 2013 1713 Words
Business-to-Business Messages
February 4, 2013

Communication is the process; through which sender conveys their messages to receiver. The communication can be in form of words, gestures, voice intonations and other symbols or signs. The communication process cannot be possible without any medium. In the communication process senders and receivers both are the parties involved. Apart from this communication process also needs the technology, tools and Channels. All the element of the communication process should be in the proper sequence for effective and appropriate communication Process. If any part of communication process is distorted or broken, the sender and receiver will not have a common understanding of the message (Daft, 2004). The communication model includes some element in this sequence such as an environment of communication, a sender, message, technology (Channels), noises (the psychological, social and structural barriers), a receiver and the feedback of receiver. The communication model has the channel through which the message is transmitted. There are two types of the channels: verbal and non-verbal. Verbal communication refers to the oral or written means transmitting meaning through words. Non-verbal communication doesn't use words and involves gestures. In current time, there are many technological channels for communication such as electronic mail, intranets, instant messaging, fax, telephone and other forms of computer mediated communication channels (Mcshane, VonGlinow & Sharma, 2006). Business to business communication process includes the communication between two business entities, in which the one business entity perform the role of a sender and other one perform the role of a receiver. In other words, Business to Business Communication describes the communication between businesses such as between a manufacturer and a whole seller or between a whole seller and a retailer. All other element of Business to Business communication process is dependent on the environment and the purpose of the communication. Business to Business communication process would effective. If the environment of Business to Business is appropriate and propose of communication is also strong and effective (Guffey & Almonte, 2009).

Business to Business Messages
Business to Business communication process is an internal process to develop relationship with the other business organizations, vendors, suppliers etc. In this competitive landscape, the Business to Business communication process is necessary for customer loyalty to protect against the competitor, employee motivation, brand protection or creation the awareness among the customer (Business-to-Business Communication, n.d.).

Business to Business Message of William Brother Corporation
The William Brother Corporation is an American company. The company is known for its quality metal doors. The company recently launched the new products lightweight gypsum ceiling access panel, portable fire extinguisher stands, roof hatches and floor hatches. The company communicates with their whole sellers and retailer to create the awareness about the product features, quality and the price. The company also informs about policies, terms and promotional strategizes of the new products. Subsequent to the discussion of the company's message now, I will analyze the message as follows: Purpose: The purpose of this message of the company is to create the awareness about the new launched products of the company between the whole sellers and retailers. The company provides the all technical information about the new product. Sender: Here, the sender is the company management team.

Receiver: Here, receivers are the whole sellers and retailer of the company. Environment: The environment of this communication process is the internal and external environment. Technology: In this messaging, the technology used is written communication, oral communication and internet technology. Noise: In this message, noise can be formed by the traffic of internet and other website, which can directly affect the delivery of message. In addition to this, as it is a written and oral message, the noise factors can be lack of apprehension of language and information by the whole sellers and retailers (Mcshane, VonGlinow & Sharma, 2006). Feedback: The Feedback of the whole sellers and retailers is that they understand about the new product features and they agree on the company policies and terms. They will help the company for promotion of the new launched product. The method of the technology used is the appropriate of the company. The oral and written communication would create the easy understanding about the product and the internet is best way to convey the message of the company. The message should the appropriate, because the message provides the all information about the product and the company goal.

Business to Business Message of KFC Corporation
KFC Corporation based in Louisville, Kentucky, is the world's most popular chicken restaurant chain. There are many stores of KFC that operate in the world. For managing the all stores of company, the company communicates with their different store's management team through the messaging by the email and internet technology (KFC Corporation, 2010). In this message of the company, they had communicated, that company makes the some quality standards and policies for their food, which should maintain by the all stores of the company. These policies and the quality standards help to maintain the trust among the customers. Subsequent to the discussion of the company's message now I will analyze the message as follows: Purpose: Here, the purpose of this message of the company is to create awareness about the policies and quality standards and should maintain these quality standard to the management of the stores which are situated in all over the world. Sender: The sender is the company management.

Receiver: The receiver is the stores management of the company. Environment: Here, the environment of this employed communication process is external environment. Technology: In message, the technology used is written communication and the internet technology by the company. Noise: In the messaging, noise can be formed as the message failure through the internet. In the written message the noise can be formed as the lack of apprehension of language by the management of company stores (Mcshane, VonGlinow & Sharma, 2006). Feedback: The feedback of the receiver is that they will be maintain the quality standard of the food product and adopt the company policies. The company used technology, the written communication and the internet technology to create the awareness about their policies and the quality standards among their stores management. This would very effective for the company.

Business to Business Message of Honda Motor Company
Honda Motor Company is one of the largest automobile companies in the world. There has the big product line of the company in the world market. Honda Civic car is one of the popular products of the company. In the recently there has a technical problem generated in the Honda civic cars fuel pump. For the solution of this problem the company takes some actions. The company has sent the message to their authorized dealers to solve this problem by approaching the customers, who has the Honda civic (Honda Motor Corporation, 2010). Subsequent to the discussion of the company's message now we will analyze the message as follows: Purpose: Here the purpose of the message of company is to create awareness among the dealers about the product problem and to solve that technical problem of the customer's product. Sender: The Sender is the technical department of the company. Receiver: The authorized dealers of the company.

Environment: Here the environment of the communication is the external environment. Technology: The Company communicates with the written messages and the internet technology. Noise: In the messaging, noise can be formed as the message failure through internet and noise can formed as written message delay. Feedback: The feedback from the dealer was that they will solve this problem of the product as soon as. The technology of the message is the good. Both the medium of the message is the efficient and reach at the right time. Message purpose is the appropriate and easily understandable by the dealers.

Business to Business message for ABC Company to communicate about working relationship with XYZ Company

Dear Madam
XYZ Company,
Our organization ABC Company sells high quality and efficient fuel pump. The fuel pump of our company is very efficient and a very long life. The fuel pump is certified by International standards organization. Our company would like to do business with your company. We want make a deal with your company to become the supplier of fuel pump to your company. We will be pleased to work with you. I have attached all the information about the product. Please give me your response over this proposal. Marketing Executive

ABC Company

Feedback of the XYZ to ABC Company
Dear Sir,
ABC Company
Thanks for your proposal to develop a work relationship with our company. I have analyzed your project and your product is good, but the price of your product is high. The price of your product will exceed our manufacturing cost. The other thing also is that your product size is not appropriate for our use. So I am sorry to say that we cannot accept your proposal.

Our current supplier provides this product at a lower price than your offer and that product matches with our requirement also. So at present, we cannot accept this proposal. If we have any scope in future, we will think over your proposal. Marketing Executive

XYZ Company

This can be concluded based on the above discussion that the communication process plays a vital role in the transmission of the message to one entity to another entity. The communication process is effective if the communication model is appropriate and efficient. The effective communication model helps reduce the noise problem and increase the feedback of receivers towards the message. So, the Business to business message could be effective if the model of communication would be efficient and appropriate.

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