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Skills and Abilities of an Enterprising Manager


Hutchinson puts a large emphasis on the motivation of his employees in the workplace. Raymond is constantly motivating the Tayto employees and they also motivate each other.

Hutchinson motivates his employees in the workplace by the open door policy. This policy ensures that all employees feel like they can talk to anyone in the business, regardless of hierarchy, about any issues or problems that have arisen in the business. This means that the Tayto employees can voice their opinions openly to managers and directors, who will take on board their point of view. This ability for them to voice their opinion and for it to be taken on board is motivating for the employees. Hutchinson has ensured that they always feel comfortable and so the employees of Tayto are therefore motivated to do a better job, because they are constantly being made to feel that Raymond will do his best to fulfil their wants and needs.

Raymond Hutchinson deems it very important to keep himself motivate. The employees act by example from their managers and directors so if they are not motivated and focused on work then the employees will feed off their negativity and possibly become demotivated. Raymond Hutchinson keeps himself motivated by constantly reviewing his aims and objectives for the business. This way, he can constantly be reminded of what he is aiming for to keep himself on the road to fulfilling these goals. In business, sometimes it is difficult to be constantly motivated, because sometimes it may take a long time for the business to reap the rewards of their hard work. By constantly aiming for specific goals, it makes the wait easier.

Raymond Hutchinson uses internal promotion as a means to motivate his staff. Internal promotion is the promoting of an employee that is already in the business, to a higher place within the business. Raymond ensures that his employees are aware that if they show promise and perform to a high level that they may have the opportunity to be promoted within the business and gain more responsibility within the business. Also with more responsibility comes more fringe benefits and possibly higher pay. With the possibility of these advantages, the employees will become more motivated to perform better. This will increase their productivity and therefore will increase the quality of the product. As the quality of the product is increased, there will be more demand for the product and ultimately Tayto will make more profit.

Raymond’s ability to constantly motivate his employees is a key reason in why they have such a strong workforce. It is also a reason why Tayto have such high quality products.

Expansion and Diversification

Raymond Hutchinson has put a large emphasis on Expansion and Diversification from 2006 to the present. He has brought the business from having a turnover of 21 million to 150 million a year in just six short years. It is highly important for a business to expand and diversify when they have established themselves in a market in order to keep themselves relevant. This is something that Raymond Hutchinson excels in as an enterprising manager.

Raymond Hutchinson has continually spotted gaps in the crisp and snack markets. Recently, due to the economic downturn, there has been a lot of businesses closing due to the consumers not being able to afford to purchase luxuries of the snacks. Raymond has always kept his eye on competition to see what they are excelling in but also failing to do. Hutchinson has spotted problems and things that he would do differently within the different businesses in the market. By doing this, Raymond has spotted different opportunities to acquire the brands that they have within these past six years. His ability to spot these gaps in the market, have led Tayto to become hugely successful with Raymond Hutchinson’s management.

Raymond Hutchinson oversaw the acquirement of the...
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