Business Report- Taronga Zoo

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Executive Summary

Taronga Zoo – officially opened on the 7th of October 1916 – has been able to withstand the test of time, and today – some ninety years after being established – remains a prime tourist attraction in the heart of Sydney. By remaining open daily from 9am to 5pm (365 days a year, even Christmas Day!) the zoo is able to ensure that all zoo goers (including tourists and families) have plenty of time to explore the zoo, to take in the amazing scenery and views and even attend a show or two! Included in the price of entry is a free Newspaper (Sydney Morning Herald), access to the Cable Car and free access to several shows the run throughout the day at the zoo (most notable of which is the improved Free Flight Bird Show) Taronga Zoo has expanded in recent times to further accommodate for business and social functions (with the development of function rooms), families (with the introduction of Roar and Snore) and all other visitors with the continuous additions being introduced (such as the new Snow Leopards and Wild Asian Wetlands exhibit) that add to the exponential reputation of Taronga Zoo as a great day out for all. The management team have asked that this marketing report be compiled in an effort to determine the effectiveness of the current marketing strategies, and to provide any possible feedback about how much of a positive or negative influence the current marketing schedule is having on the business as a whole.

Mission Statement

The Management of the Zoological Parks Board has determined the following as the Mission Statement for Taronga Zoo.

“We will demonstrate a meaningful and urgent commitment to wildlife, our natural environment and the pursuit of excellence in our conservation, recreation and scientific endeavours.”

Situational Analysis

Business Life Cycle

At the current point in time, Taronga Zoo is in the Post Maturity (Renewal Stage) (See Figure 1.1) with the large number of new ventures being undertaken by the owners such as the Wild Asia Exhibit and Oceanarium Fig 1.1


SWOT Analysis

The purpose of a SWOT Analysis is to evaluate the current situation the business is in. The SWOT Analysis consists of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. The internal strengths of the business should be matched with external opportunities. The Business undertaking the SWOT Analysis also needs to put into place strategies in order to take control of weaknesses and eliminate any threats from external sources.


▪ Opening Hours (9am – 5pm) – Returning from the zoo, the visitors may be exposed to the sunset, which for couples may be considered as very romantic ▪ Open 365 Days a Year – Unlike two of its most fierce competitors (IMAX Theatre and Manly Aquarium) the zoo is open every day of the year without exception. In the history of the zoo, it has only ever remained close twice: o Australia Day 1988 to celebrate Australia’s Bicentenary o August 8th – October 26th 1917 to house labourers from the wharves (due to strikes) o Heritage Listed Elephant Enclosure – This area of the zoo is able to attract visitors whom are not only interested in the animals at the zoo but also the historical features at Taronga ▪ Education Program – There are more than twenty-five teachers on hand at the zoo to take school groups and give informative lectures/lessons about certain aspects of the zoo and the way it functions ▪ Location – The location is excellent as it provides customers with beautiful views of the harbour. The Free Flight Bird is positioned perfectly in order to enhance the view of the harbour


▪ Price – When compared to other local tourist attractions (two in particular being IMAX and Manly Aquarium) the zoo may be considered as a costly tourist attraction and drive away potential customers away ▪ Weather Dependant – Market analysis has shown that if it is raining up...
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