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Berlin Café is a new coffee shop which will be launched on the 21st of August by partners Charlene Baguio and Bernadine Pangilinan. Its first branch will be located at the center of Victoria Boulevard in Cebu city. The café will include a 2500 square kilometer floor plan and is within walking distance from the University of Avalon and a nearby call center company. It is surrounded by boutiques and shops. The lot is a 5,000 square kilometer inheritance, therefore further expansion can be considered. Mission Statement:

Berlin Café aims to give a homey atmosphere. As the saying goes “Home is where the heart is” and that is what our coffee shop wants to achieve. Our café hopes to capture the hearts of our customers and be a place where they can relax and become stress free. It aims to become a place they will want to go to again and again. Vision Statement:

The Coffee shop will provide a friendly, comfortable atmosphere, where customers can socialize with each other and receive quality products and services at a reasonable price. Objectives for the first few months:

* Make people aware of our business.
* Create a cozy relaxing environment
* Give quality products and services
* Gain loyal customers

Strength| Weaknesses| Opportunities| Threats|
Berlin products are reasonably priced and are much more affordable compared to other coffee brands.| Because of the difference in price people might think that our products are of low quality.| We will be able to sell our products to a wider range of classes. Our products can be afforded by classes A-C.| Well-known brands such as Starbucks, Dunkin’ and McCafe pose as Threats to the business.| Berlins’ first branch will be located in a commercial area. Its’ location is near a university, companies and shops making it convenient for a wide variety of customers.| Service will be slow at times due to a limited amount of workers.| Advertising will be easier. | Because the location is within a commercial area other diners and grills will be present. With a number of options people might not choose to go to the café.|

The Marketing Plan…

Berlin Cafés Products and Services
Espresso based coffees and cakes are our cafés major products, though we will also offer a variety of pastries and other beverages. We plan to slowly expand our menu as the café becomes more acknowledged and successful. In addition we will also offer free internet access and provide outlets below each of our tables for customer convenience. There will be a shelf of books and magazines will be placed on each table for entertainment. ESPRESSOS

Product| Price|
Americano| P 57|
Mocha| P 60|
Espresso| P 50|
Latte| P 65|
Cappuccino| P 65|

Product| Price|
Tiramisu| P 58|
Chocolate mousse cake| P 57|
Light hazelnut cake| P 51|
Strawberry cheese cake| P 60|
Banana cream cake| P 45|

Product| Price|
Regular coffee| P 60|
Turkish coffee| P 65|
Iced coffee| P 54|
Hot chocolate| P 40|
Water| No charge|

PASTRIES Product| Price/serving|
Cinnamon rolls| P 45|
Caramel éclair| P 45|
Croissant| P 35|
Mille-feuille| P 50|

Target Market
Our target market will be people from the age of 18 – 55. Potential buyers will include university students and faculty, call center agents, young professionals and businessmen. . During the morning potential customers would include businessmen who’d want to grab their coffee before starting their day. Customer potentials during the afternoon would include young professionals having their break. Our café will be a perfect place to relax and unwind with the consideration that the café is within the commercial area our café would surely be part of their top list.

Our Competitors
Nearby competitors would include...
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