Sample Business Plan

Topics: Supply and demand, Market, Inverse demand function Pages: 4 (824 words) Published: January 26, 2012
Business Plan

CLK Corporation
Food Industry


Claudine Aurellano
Liza Gaston
Kashka Lantion

A. Name of Enterprise
Krasí & trofí̱
Once upon a Greek Bistro…

B. Location
Bonifacio High Street Global City, Taguig City

C. Project Description

Krasí & trofí̱(once upon a Greek Bistro…) will open at Bonifacio High Street(B1). The store is open from Monday to Sunday at 10AM to 10PM. It introduces an exquisite type of Greek Cuisine in the Philippines. It offers a Greek traditional way of fine dining, where customers can enjoy the customs of Greece like being introduced to the Greek superstitions, traditions, and holidays. The Bistro’s color scheme is blue and white since it’s the color of the national flag of Greece. Its advantage is the specialty dishes that are Greek inspired, as well as the fresh ingredients.

D. Project Objective

• To introduce a new taste to Filipino customers. • To introduce to Filipinos the traditions and cultural ways of Greeks. • To attract future investors through the unique way of our business. In any business, the main goal is to earn profit. • To be competitive in the food industry by producing income.

E. Mission Statement

Our product mission is to let our clients/target market experience the Greek way of living as well as satisfying their wants, needs, and expectations. Our economic mission is to gain profit and to expand the business as well as to achieve our set margins in order to have a stable business and to satisfy shareholders. Our social mission is to provide employment to Filipinos and give them a great opportunity of experiencing a different way of serving in a fine restaurant, in order for them to have an extraordinary skill in the future.


The company’s vision is for the next 3 years is to increase our profit to more than 50% of our current earnings. The business performance will also increase and attract other investors...
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