Business Plan

Topics: Balance sheet, Cash flow, Asset Pages: 82 (9553 words) Published: May 16, 2014
K.P.E. Company
IFA-A05 Group 1

Kun Hu
Evsen Kankal
Jonathan Putra
Luc Stikkelbroeck
Cindy Visser

Table of contents

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1.1 Executive Summary

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1.2 Motto

page 6

1.3 Mission

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1.4 Vision
2.Product description

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2.1 Product

page 7

2.2 Design and Packaging

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2.2.1 Design

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2.2.2 Packaging

page 8

2.3 How Chargie Works

page 9

2.4 How to Use Chargie

page 10

2.5 Product Benefits

page 11

2.6 Warranty
3.Internal Analysis

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3.1 Company Data

page 13

3.2 The meaning of the Logo

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3.3 Company Hierarchy

page 14

3.4 The Team
4.External Analysis

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4.1 DESTEP Analysis

page 15

4.1.1 Demographical Factors

page 15

4.1.2 Economic Factors

page 17

4.1.3 Social-Cultural Factors

page 17

4.1.4 Technological Factors

page 17

4.1.5 Ecological Factors

page 18

4.1.6 Political Factors

page 18

4.2 Competition

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4.3 Customers

page 22

4.4 SWOT Analysis

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5.1 Method of Research

page 23

5.2 Marketing Strategy

page 24

5.3 Promotional Strategies
5.4 Objectives
5.4.1 Short Term Objectives

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page 24
page 24

5.4.2 Long Term Objectives
5.5 Target Market
5.6 Marketing Mix
5.7 Future Plans

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page 25
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6.1 Manufacturers

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6.2 Supply Chain

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6.3 Transportation

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6.4 Warehousing

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7.1 Market Share & Sales

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7.2 Opening Balance Sheet

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7.3 Investment Balance

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7.4 Fixed Assets

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7.5 Cash Flow Statements

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7.5.1 Cash Flow Statement Q1

page 35

7.5.2 Cash Flow Statement Q2

page 36

7.5.3 Cash Flow Statement Q3

page 37

7.5.4 Cash Flow Statement Q4

page 38

7.6 Costs

page 39

7.7 Income Statement

page 41

7.8 Closing balance

page 42

7.9 Ratio’s
8. Conclusion

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page 45

9.1 Media Market Sales and Promotion contract

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9.2 Questionnaire

page 46

9.2.1 Questionnaire analysis

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page 56


1. Introduction
Imagine a regular working day: you just parked your bike in the basement of your office and you are quite certain you did not forget to bring anything important. Yesterday you prepared today’s meeting on your notebook and you can’t wait to show your ideas to your colleagues. The meeting starts and you open your notebook. Right from the start the red light is blinking and you recall not charging your notebook during the preparation: the battery is dying on you and your great presentation. When you look in your suitcase for your charger, you notice you have forgotten it at home.

This is just one of the problems you could have while using a portable electronic device. From workers to holidaymakers and from children to grandparents, our product can be used by everyone. Chargie is a product created by the Kinetic Portable Energy Company (K.P.E. Company). It will take away any stress and disappointment you would experience when your battery is dead, by recharging any of your portable electronic devices with the energy you have just generated yourself by simply moving around while carrying Chargie with you.

Chargie – ‘You are the energy’.


1.1 Executive Summary
The smartphone market has really taken off in the past few years. The current big gadget craze is all about tablets, another portable device to make life more fun and easier. But it all ends quickly when the batteries run out, and they will most definitely do so. Normally this meant the consumer had to either charge their portable devices at home and hope they had make it through the day, or bring the adapters with them. Even if they have the spare space for all...
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