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Chapter 1

A. Name of the Project
Our proposed business will be identified as Crystal Eye Moments Studio. That primarily provides services such as printing photos, tarpaulins, photo restoration, photo enlargement, greeting and business cards, flyers and creative designs such as logo and graphic designs. Crystal Eye Moments Studio prints crystal clear photos that will give the impression as if the images are real. The services that the business will provide are printed photos comparable to the photos shot by a professional.

B. Location
The business will be located at SM North EDSA [see Plant Location]. Our stall will be located at the main floor in the right wing of the mall. It stands in the front of the supermarket and beside Starbucks coffee. We found the location to be very ideal, not only because it is at the entrance and exit of the mall, but this will be one of the first business stall that the customer will see.

C. Brief Discussion
Our business named Crystal Eye Moments Studio and will provide its customers crystal clear images of their still photos. The business will use only digital equipments such as digital cameras, high quality photo and tarpaulin printers. Not like the usual way of developing photos which uses negative films, our company will develop photos that came from digital cameras. Instead of using old fashioned films, we will print photos coming from the cameras memory cards like SD, miniSD, and other sorts of memory cards. Our photo studio also prints tarpaulin for larger images or banners that is mostly demanded by the customers nowadays. The studio also accepts customized business card for customers who have business of their own. Crystal Eye Moments Studio promises its customers an excellent quality of printed pictures. For the photos more satisfying to the eye of the customers, the images are edited by an image editing software like Adobe Photoshop to make the image looks like its been shot by a professional. To sum it all up, in order to give our promise to the customers of crystal clear images, our business will use printers that are really suitable for printing pictures and using high-end color inks to maintain the clear quality of the printed photos. D. Highlights of Major Assumptions

1. Market Projections
In our business, Crystal Eye Moments Studio, projects in the market that as long as we continue to deliver our good quality of services, the business will still continue its development. We also project that we can still meet the demand of the customers if we maintain our excellent promotion of the services. Adopting the latest trends of technology in terms of digital printing will be applied in order that the business will not be left behind.

2. Market Share
The business shares its latest trends when it comes to digital printing and photography. We will show to the market our different techniques and styles of photography. The business will also share the latest design of graphic artists and restoration of aged pictures. The latest equipments that will be used will be considered as share to the market. The size of our business will be on the medium end for the reason that we are using high quality of digital equipments to meet the demands of our clients. The business also shares 50% of its profit to the market.

3. Market Prices

The prices of the services will almost be the same as the other existing photo printing businesses. Although it has the same selling price as the others, we ensure that we can deliver the best quality of digital printing. The price of our services is based on some of the prevailing printing businesses. These businesses will help us identify what will be our market price.

4. Investment Cost
As a starting capital, we have an initial investment of Php. 1.5M. This amount...
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