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[Analyze a business plan]


Assessment 1

Table of Contents
Table of Contents2
Business plan 1:3
Quality Training3
Critical Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the business plan3 Strengths of Quality Training:3
Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses:3
Personal contacts:4
Business plan 2:5
Workout gym business Plan5
Sport therapy business plan5
Workout gym business Plan:5

Assessment Task-1 Analyse a Business Plan
Business plan 1:
Quality Training
Quality Training has been operating as a Registered Training Organization for 12 months. The objectives of Quality Training are to generate a profit, grow at a challenging and manageable rate and to be a good corporate citizen. The mission of Quality Training is to exceed our customers’ expectations by providing them with effective training and development services, relevant to their needs and in line with national quality standards. Critical Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the business plan Quality Training has been operating as a Registered Training Organization for 12 months. Below is the critical analysis of the business plan of the organization including its business weaknesses and strengths? Strengths of Quality Training:

A new organization with no history
Flexible and adaptable to clients needs
Low start-up costs
Personalized service, people conduct training who own the company Able to visit trainees and clients more regularly
Knowledge of the local political situation and potential areas of growth Attractive business incentives
New organization, so unknown in the market place
No references from former clients
Limited sources
Owner – operated
Limited operation
Lack of funding for large marketing campaign
Targeting local area so limited clients base
Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses:
Quality Training should adopt the following strategies to overcome perceived threats and weaknesses. It should expand its network with friends and acquaintances to source business opportunities as this is local business organization. It has limited clients base it should develop strong personal relations. The organization must develop its marketing materials including a website so that clients can get themselves registered online. The organization should look for opportunities to deliver non-accreted training prior to becoming established as an RTO. This will bring in some additional income and will assist in developing our client relationship. The organization is very new so it should be flexible its working policies and procedures. It should be up to date with relevant legislation and industry requirements. The organization should look for new business opportunities to develop mutual beneficial partnership with other RTO’s or businesses. By keeping the business diversified and offering a variety of training and development programs, the risk of losing government funding will be minimized. Quality training should consider the marketing trends to penetrate into the local market. Schools are emphasizing the importance of gaining recognized qualifications to their students. Quality Training should intend to take advantage requirement for business to comply with state and Federal Legislation in the area of occupational health and safety. It is suggested to the organization that it should utilize the following marketing strategies is its marketing approach; Personal contacts:

Quality Training should expand its circle of business by increasing personal contacts to increase its business opportunities. This can be done by e-mails, cold calling, Internet ads, yellow pages, and networking. The organization must develop its marketing material in form of brochures professionally produced, outlining its...
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