Business Plan

Topics: Philippines, Zamboanga del Norte, Management Pages: 7 (1526 words) Published: October 15, 2012
I. Intoductory Page

A. Name and Address of Business

Cor. Malvar Street, Quezon Avenue,
Dipolog City, Zamboanga del norte

B. Names and Address of Principals

Rochelle Cabanada
Junilyn Rena Cuizon
Queenie Galamiton
Princess Pacaro
Arcie Yorong
Lyon Nickolai Sazon
Rodel Besas


Cor. Malvar Street, Quezon Avenue,
Dipolog City, Zamboanga del norte

C. Nature of Business

This is a local based company that specializes in Filipino products like longanisa (sausage), cured pork (tocino) and egg rolls (lumpia) that can be found in the freezer section of Asian grocery store. Infinite Sausage and Tocino Company is a Wholesaler and a Retailer.

D. Statement of Financing Need

II. Executive Summary

III. Description of Venture

A. Product and Service

* Tocino – Pork

A popular recipe handed down from Spanish and Chinese kitchen wizards in the Philippines long ago. Infinite Sausage and Tocino is Philippine style, sliced and seasoned pork cured to perfection. Improved upon in taste, treatment and texture by doting, Infinite Sausage has been hailed by many families,tasteful, exotic preparation of pork recipes. Try this delicious taste for yourself today, and be sure to try our Chicken Tocino as well!

* Lumpia – Chicken

Infinite Chicken Lumpia comes ready to cook, no mixing ingredients, no wrapping, just cook and enjoy! Serve as a delicious appetizer, side dish, or entree. Also, try Infinite Pork and Beef Lumpia

* Lumpia – Pork

Infinite Pork Lumpia is a Philippine style egg roll that has mixed vegetables and pork. The egg roll wrapper is a special concoction in itself. Great for all kinds of parties, picnics, or just treating the family to a great meal. Infinite Lumpia always caries a distinct native Filipino flavoring all its own. Also, try Infinite Chicken and Beef Lumpia today!

* Philippine BBQ Stick

Infinite Philippine BBQ Sticks are delicious pork pieces marinated with a special blend of juices and spices for maximum flavor and tenderness, and placed on a skewer for easy barbeque grilling and enjoyment!

* Adobo – Pork

Infinite Pork Adobo is a delicious blend of tender cooked pork, covered in a mouth watering sauce, and carefully simmered to perfection. Infinite Adobo comes ready to eat, in a boilable plastic bag, that you simply drop in boiling water, heat, and serve. A classic Filipino dish that can be enjoyed in just minutes!

* Longanisa – Pork

This Spanish-American influenced prime-mixture sausage prepared with pineapple juice and other authentic Filipino spices are hearty favorites during any time of the day. The built-in good and homey taste in every pack of this Filipino longanisa makes it one of the most sought after food items under the Infinite brand. And because it is so easy and convenient to prepare anytime, you’ll surely make it a favorite part of your regular family fare.  

* Tocino – Chicken

Chicken Tocino is a new taste from the Infinite family. Combining the same special seasoning as Infinite Pork Tocino, with the fresh taste of Chicken. Try it, and your taste buds will thank you!

* Beef Tapa

Infinte Beef Tapa is sliced and cured beef. This has been seasoned and tenderized for a unique taste that will sure please the taste buds.

* Embotido

A popular favorite whenever special friend gets together during holidays. Infinite Embotido combines cured pork, vegetables, and cured dark turkey to create a delicious meal the whole family can enjoy. A recipe that has been influenced by Spanish cooking that has been handed down to generations. A tasty entree, great as canaps or for anytime of the day. Best of all, Infinite Embotido is fast to prepare because Infinite Embotido is fully cooked, just heat, serve, and enjoy!

B. Size of Business

Macro Business

The macro environment includes...
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