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FIRST NAME(S)| Lungiswa Precious|
MODULE NAME| Business Management 1B|
TUTOR’S NAME| Ashay Nathoo|
| Kwa-Mashu|
| 4360|
CONTACT NUMBERS| Work: 031 279 6424|
| Home: 031 503 0374|
| Cell: 072 695 2205|
COURSE INTAKE| January 2012|
DECLARATION:I hereby declare that the assignment submitted is an original piece of work produced by myself.| SIGNATURE: LP Ndlovu| DATE: |

Table of Contents

1.1Analysis of Macro Environment1
1.1.1Economic Environment1
1.1.2Political Environment:2
1.1.3Technological Environment:2
1.1.4Socio-Cultural Environment:3
1.1.5Ecological Environment:3
1.1.6Legal Environment4
1.2Porter’s Five Forces Model.5
1.2.1Competitive Rivalry5
1.2.2Threat of New Entrants5
1.2.3Bargaining Power of Customers5
1.2.4Bargaining Power of Suppliers6
1.2.5Threat of Substitute Products6
1.3“Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid Theory”6
2The planning function of managers7
3Management Functions11
3.1Differences among the three levels of management11
3.2Allocation of Managerial levels to Function12


1. South African Police Services
1.1 Problems in the SAPS
The SAPS is faced with unfit and overweight officers, this is due to officers not keeping fit after they have been appointed. The main cause for the officers not maintaining their fitness is that there is no policy that binds them to stay fit throughout their employment in the police service. Even though there are gym facilities provided, staff can only make use of this facility after hours and it seems some officers would much rather go home than spend an few minutes in the gym, which would help them maintain reasonable weight and a healthy body. Another problem is the manner in which candidates are recruited and selected; in the case study there is no mention of an aptitude or psychometric test that is conducted before selection of employees. Fitness is not the only important thing for police officers and any other position, staff should also be able to think logically even under pressure.

1.2 Recruitment & Selection Process
Recruitment is the process of acquiring applicants who are available and qualified to fill positions in the organisation. Selection is the process of interviewing and evaluating candidates for a specific job and selecting an individual for employment based on certain criteria. Employee selection can range from a very simple process to a very complicated process depending on the firm hiring and the position available. G. Roberts, 2004.

Judging from the case study, recruitment in the SAPS is not academic; it depends entirely on the individual’s weight as well as body fat percentage and the ability to survive the fitness test. Physical aspects are the only things that candidates are tested on at the SAPS, their mental abilities are not focused on at all and this is not a very wise approach for selection. A mental or skills test is important because it helps the employer view the mental capacity of the applicant and, it is crucial in the SAPS because once employed the applicants will be dealing with people’s lives and one needs to know if the selected applicants are mentally fit for the police environment. Most applicants who undergo the fitness test at SAPS are not selected because of their passion to serve and protect our country; some candidates make sure that they pass the fitness test simply because they are desperate to secure a job and also knowing that they will not spend more than 6 months in training before they are employed on a permanent basis. The proper selection...
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