Business Operations

Topics: Corporate social responsibility, Airline, Frequent-flyer program Pages: 5 (1567 words) Published: March 7, 2013

RESEACH A BUSINESS AND EXAMINES ITS INPUTS, TRANSFORMATION PROCESSES AND OUTPUTS. EXPLAIN THE IMPACT OF TECHNOLOGY ON THIS BUSINESS. THEN DISCUSS WHAT CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILTY IS AND HOW A BUSINESS CAN TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT. Operations management is concerned with overseeing, designing and controlling the process of production and then turning raw materials and resources into outputs of finished goods or services. It involves the responsibility of ensuring that business operations are efficient in terms of using as few resources as needed and effective in terms of meeting customer requirements. Qantas has grown to be Australia's largest domestic and international airline. Its forte is acquiring customer satisfaction through the operations process, the use of its technology as well as its corporate social responsibility. Operations process includes three stages, inputs, the transformation processes and outputs. Inputs are classified as transformed resources and transforming resources. Transformed resources are the resources that are changed by the operations processes. It includes raw materials which Qantas uses fossil fuel, information such as researching, and customers, who become a transformed resource as they are availing of or using the product of the business. For Qantas it depicts its use of transformed information through individual bookings made by customers, this can be through online, through Qantas or a travel agent, which are then analysed and transformed into decisions as to which aircraft to use and which services they should offer. And its customers are transformed by having their location changed from their departing point to their new destination. Transforming resources are the resources which effect the changes in the operations processes. They are the reason the transformed resources change. They include human resources and facilities. Human resources is often referred to as human capital, these are the people who accumulate the inputs, operate and preserve the machinery and equipment used in the processes, fulfil the sales function, distribute the outputs and deal with the associated customers. For Qantas this means everyone from the cleaners and baggage handlers to the pilots, flight attendants and sales managers. A successful business is one that can attract and maintain high quality staff by providing appropriate wages, good working conditions benefits (sick leave, holidays leave, etc.) and motivation to do their work. Facilities are the physical assets owned and leased which are essential to produce the businesses output. This for Qantas includes the terminal buildings and their contents, maintenance facilities, spare parts holdings, aircraft and even computers and motor vehicles. For a business to be successful it should have located, designed and fitted out its facilities to optimum conditions for efficiency and minimum operational fee. Qantas is greatly expected to have some facility at every airport; however opportunities to co-share with other airlines for mutual benefit will be available. The main concept of operations processes is transformation, which is the conversion of inputs (resources) into outputs (goods/services). The process is influenced by the four V’s, volume (the amount of the good/service to be produced), variety (the number of different goods/services produced), variation in demand (are sales seasonal) and visibility (how obvious is the good/service). Qantas provides a 24/7 service to their customers and the service is expanded as flights to many different destinations are spread across the day. Qantas experiences a predictable major increase demand for school holidays and special occasions such as world cup and the Olympic Games. The visibility of Qantas is obvious because there is extreme customer contact throughout the whole process. The customer chooses the service they want through an online service or reception desks. Qantas relies heavily on...
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