Business Game Essay

Topics: Management, Corporate governance, Member of Parliament Pages: 3 (1177 words) Published: August 27, 2008
The Business Game is an exciting and dynamic module, unlike no other that is studied by all students who are in their second year at Aston Business School. Primarily it was designed to allow students to explore and overcome numerous difficulties, challenges and obstacles they will be presented with when working as part of a team in real life situations. Essentially preparing them for their third year, where they will be required to spend time being employed in the real world, and will be expected to work as part of a successful team whilst co-operating and working alongside individuals whom they have never met. Whilst ensuring students are made aware of the complexities they will face in the real world, the Business Game also allows them to incorporate theories and concepts that they have studied in past modules allowing them to apply them in a very much team based environment. A team “consists of a group of individuals who work together to produce products or deliver services for which they mutually accountable” (Fincham and Rhodes, 2005). The Business game was principally based upon teamwork, and the only way that a team could expect to prosper and be successful was by cooperating effectively and exercising superior teamwork. The primary concept of the game is simple, the task being for a group young entrepreneurs to work together in order to set up and successfully operate a simulation automobile company. Each group or company was constructed at random by the Business School, consisting of five or six students who previous to the game had not met, of which each student was required to take on one of the roles of an operational specialist in the following areas; Managing Director, Operations Director, Finance Director, Marketing Director and Human Resources Director.

The first task in the game was for the five members of our group to gather together in order to assign all members with an operational role. For most groups this was a simple task but...
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