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Business English

By Kenshinxp Apr 16, 2013 383 Words
What general factors would you take into account when introducing specific writing skills practice to pre-experienced business English learners at Upper Intermediate level?

factors-> specific writing skills practice

Step 1 - Selection of topic.
Step 2 - Title selection.
Step 3 - Effective format.

Here are step by step details that you can apply quickly and easily...

Step 1 - Selection of topic:

There are infinite opportunities to write upon, but it's best to choose a subject with which you are much familiar as well as knowledgeable too. Also select your topic on basis of the demand of your target viewers. It's important that the subject you opt to write and share your knowledge should be amongst the popular choices of your audience. Then only you will succeed in capturing the interest of your readers.

Step 2 - Title selection:

Put up some dynamite titles. It plays the most important factor in determining whether people are going to read your article or not. Therefore, you require being extremely effective, or else there are more chances for it to remain unread online forever. Set your titles creative and eye-catching. It should be something different from others, and then only readers will pick your writing.

Step 3 - Effective format:

Keep your articles brief. Always remember that viewers won't be reading it if it's containing enormous chunk of texts. Therefore, don't go more than 700 words. Exclude fillers and evade unnecessary long introduction. You can also use numbered or bulleted list, it gives lot of white blank spaces throughout your content which makes it easier for the viewers to read it thoroughly. Make sure you get started today.

Kinds of material to teach specific writing skills practice
This workshop shows you how to write performance-based training materials that focus on the "how-to's." It gives you tips and techniques to make your materials popular, interesting, and lively, using a clear, concise writing style.

1. Writing skills books
2. Business journals
3. TV broadcasting news about business
4. Company materials
5. The Internet
6. Documentaries
7. Advertisements
8. Newspapers
9. Videos
10. Interview schedules
11. Agenda for meetings

Choose 5 of these materials and explain how you exploit them

Is it possible to exploit writing skills practice further by the use of appropriate follow-up activities?

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