Business Culture and Strategy

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Report for Business Cultural & Strategy of
J D Wetherspoon company

I.Introduction 2
II.Discussion 2
Section 1 External Environment 2
SPELT analysis2
SWOT analysis 4
The management use on how to conduct a SWOT analysis5
Section 2 Organization culture6
Business culture: shared values & taken for granted assumption 6 Four types for organization culture7
Culture influences organization behavior 8
Another organization culture for J D Wetherspoon 9
Section 3 Business Strategy9
Business strategy definition and types10
Business strategy for J D Wetherspoon and benefits 11
Compare two different strategies how to affect the behaviors12 Some factors changing business strategy 13
Business strategy and strategic choice14
The key issues had to take account in order to manage the strategy15 Section 4 change16
Use forces for change analyze the change reason16
Choose one factors and definition 17
The effective management role for change18
The advice to help the company analysis the change19
III.Conclusion 20
IV.Recommendation 20
V.Reference 21
This repot will discuss the business culture and strategy of the JD Wetherspoon. At first, the changes in the external environment which J D Wetherspoon has faced since it was found in 1979 are analyzed. The second is clear the relationship between organization culture and organization behavior. The third is that compare and definition clearly the strategies of the company so that they can use to deal with the change in the future and how management can cope with change will be advised as follow. II.Discussion

Section 1: External environment
1.The examples of social, technological, economic, political and legal factors which have affected the way the organization has behaved. Socio-cultural factor
The higher style will increase the demand of the drinking. In 1980s, many people wanted to have a quite place for family gather and friends playing or conversation. This changing brought considerable opportunities to pubs development (Quain, 2009). The kinds of public entertainment places are limited.

The monotone restaurant can not following the step of new age. This is also a good opportunity for pubs development (Quain, 2009). Political factor
The government policy not encourages the pubs.
The government not encourages the pubs so that the purchase approaches decreased and the price increased (Quain, 2009). The government prohibits drinking for particular crowd.
The government release policy that prohibits drinking for particular crowd such as teenager and driver so that the customers of pubs are obvious reduce (Quain, 2009). Economic factor
The supplier increase usually affects the customer quantity. During 2002-2004, supermarkets began selling drinks at loss-leader prices and the premium larger which brought affect for the sale price and the market of the pubs (Quain, 2009). The market appears to be over-supplied.

The retail licensing market had adapted to the changes in the ‘tied house’ system and other retail pub chains had been developing their business. Then the market appears to be over-supplied (Quain, 2009). Legal factor

A legal born will change pubs situation.
The traditional link between the brewing companies and pubs known as the ‘tie house’ system had been cut by beer order in 1989. Pubs acquired a good change (Quain, 2009). The ruling from the Monopolies and Mergers Commission.

Because the ruling from the Monopolies and Mergers Commission which severely limited the number of pubs which a brewer could operate, this is also a capitally changes in the pubs market (Quain, 2009). Technological factor

The different provide is always a determination to win the market. Pubs have a ventilation system to ensure that the customer can not...
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