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Topics: Sharia, Saudi Arabia, Australia Pages: 16 (3506 words) Published: September 18, 2014
COURSE Diploma of Business (Enterprise) WDBE
UNIT OF STUDY Business Communications WDB1008
ASSESSMENT TYPE Individual Report

Student ID: 4089219
Due Date: Week 13

Integrated Assignment
Business Communication Report
Roy DrageGymwear Company

Executive Summary
I am submitting this report entitled “The differences from cultures between Australia and Saudi Arabia” as useful part of improving intercultural knowledge of the company’s staffs.

In this report, we will go through how cultural understanding is important to our business, find out differences between both Australia and Saudi Arabia – the market that we are continuing to invest and develop our company branch, which is followed by consequences of the fact that our customers are not received right behaviour of our staffs to their cultures. Differences between Australia and Saudi Arabia are mentioned in this report are about economic factors, political factors, social customs, business practise and key legal differences. Finally, some solutions which could improve our company’s current problem could be figured out.

Table of Contents

Suppose of the report
The main purpose of this report is to indicate the special dissimilarities between Australian culture and Saudi Arabia culture. The proposal shows some details about the differences in a few aspects which have more influences on our business in Saudi Arabia as well as some examples to illustrate for those common problems. Background

Roy DrageGymwear Co. is a clothing manufacturer specialising in sporting clothes in Melbourne, Australia. The problem is ourcompany a we are keeping losing customers who come from different cultures from Australia. There have been complaints from current clients that staffs do not understand cultural difference very well and the Company Director is concerned about staff disrespecting hic customers within Australia and overseas. The business needs to remain competitive in the global market, so we should complete some important research and also prepare a report, which one can be share with staff so they will learn about important cultural differences between Australia and Saudi Arabia. Scope

This report provided the information of the differences in economic factors, political factors, social customs, key legal differences, business practise and then gave out some recommendations for our company’s current situation. Methodology

This report is based on researches from so many data. Some information about Australia and Saudi Arabia are collected from books, newspapers, article journal, internet website…and the guidance from my teacher Mr. Robert Mackenzie which can be help for this report.

Body of proposal
Social custom
Australia is a country which has a rich and wide variety of religions. These include religions based on popular beliefs, religions brought to Australia from the outside, and several indigenous religious groups. According to Australian Government, “Australian folklore is based on traditional beliefs, legends and customs of a group, handed down through generations. Folklore tells the stories and experiences of people in ways that factual accounts cannot - conveying emotions, hopes and fears though time and place. Some are literally true and some are not”, ( which means that Australian’s belief is based on both Indigenous and also non-Indigenous people's knowledge and experience of history in Australia, such as Democratic Heroes, A drover’s life and drover’s wives, Outback women and Aborigines, The Bush and Bush searches, etc. Although Australia is a multilingual nation, with over 100 languages being spoken by those sections of the population who have left their country from all over the world, English is the official and by far the most commonly spoken language....

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