Cultural Experience at Workplace

Topics: Culture, Decision making, Risk Pages: 7 (2581 words) Published: March 15, 2011
Cultural Experience at Workplace
By Mana Mirsaidi

Table of Contents:

2.Me and My Culture3
3.My Workplace Culture4
4.Cultural Issues5
4.3.Decision Making7
4.4.Other Issues8

In today’s business environment and specially in Multinational Organizations, we have diversity of cultures and nationalities working together despite all cultural differences. So it is necessary to know these differences when we are in the global age, to be more productive and avoide any conflicts with colleagues, top managers, people who you are managing, or clients. In my paper, I will be discussing few cultural issues in my workplace environment, an the effects on me and other employees in our organization. It includes differences in Communication, Decision Making and Negotiation styles, as well as Relationships among different cultures. Also we have wide variety of clients with different cultures, attitudes and nationalities, so it is essential for me as a member of the organization to know how to deal with them effectively.

2.Me and My Culture
I am from Iran,Tehran, and in my opinion, even in Iran we have many different sub-cultures from north to south & east to west. Now when I think about my family, friends, school classmates, communities and social groups which I am a member of it, I believe I belong to “Tehrani” or “Mid-High class”culture in Iran. We have a high context culture and relationship is very important among the members of a community or in a workplace, and we have less personal space , we love networking and being social and meeting new friends. We have usually gatherings among friends and colleagues after the working hours mostly on weekends, which helps to find new business opportunities and in the life-work balance , we work to live , not live to work! One of the most important Cultural values is having Freedom in our actions and being flexible. Time is important but we don’t like strict deadlines and prefer to be polychronic. Verbal communication is a more valuable for many people and we don’t count on contracts and we have a saying which the translation is : “ One string of a man’s beard has more value than anything else written (as the security of the verbal contract) “. In the workplace, we have medium to high power distance, and there are several levels of decision making which results in slow actions. Comparing to other nationalities, I think Iranian people are Risk takers and Low in Uncertainty avoidance, we take the risk and sometime risk our life to achive something. For example there are many Iranian people working in UAE without Employment Visa ( mostly in Iranian companies) because UAE government doesn’t allow Iranians to have Employment Visa, but other nationalities or companies are afraid to take this risk. Also I can see in business, Iranian people are very successful because they accept the Risk, and higher risk can follow by higher success (or sometimes loss!), for example many investors in Real Estate section in UAE, are Iranian people, some of them invest all their life here to get the profit (which is now in a very critical siruation). In today’s Iranian culture women are powerful in business, active in social worls, outgoing and educated, but still we can find the traditonal roles of men as Boss or Managers and masculinity in the workplace. Above all, I think my personality is sometimes different different from culture, but most of the time it’s same. I am very self organized, I hate to get order, target or deadline from the Boss and I want to finish my responsibilities on my own( maybe more like individualistic culture) and I want to have more private lifestyle. So mostly in my recent job I have experiences many conflicts between me and my Boss, or coleagues which I will explain more in the next section.

3.My Workplace Culture
I am currently working as...
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