Business Communication

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Assignment paper


Business Decision Making

Student name: Pham, Phuc Dinh
Student ID:2003720
Tutor: Ngo, Thuyen Ngoc
Submission date: May 31st 2013
Term: Spring 2013

Programme| Higher National Diploma in Business|
Validating body| HSU-Edexcel-TMC|
Module title|  Business Decision Making|
Tutor full name|  |
Student full name|  |
Date submitted:|  |
Date resubmitted (Re-sit if applicable)|  |
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Declaration of ownership| | |
This submission is the result of my own work. All help and advice other than that received from tutors has been acknowledged and primary and secondary sources of information have been properly attributed. Should this prove to be untrue, I recognise the right of HSU to recommend what action should be taken in line with the Regulations on assessment.| Signed: ________________________________________ Date ___________________| | | | | |

Assessor's overall comment| | Grade: ________|
Signature: _______________________________________ Date: ______________|  |  | | | | | |

Table of Contents
Task 1: Set up a plan for collecting the primary and secondary data6
Task 2: Applied methods and give reason6
Task 3: Use and present diversified methods for making the sample frame8
Task 4: Design questionnaire15
Task 5: Use Mean, Mode and Median19
Task 6: Calculate standard deviation 24
Task 7: Explain and analyze the relationship between the demand toward the place and reasonable price by using the correlation coefficient26
Task 8: Produce the graphs and charts30
Task 9: Use XY Scatter to forecast the trend line of consumption oriented36
Task 10: Using the Microsoft Excel Office for gathering all information38
Task 11: Produce a formal business report49
Task 12: Use information processing tools and series of project58
Task 13: Use the present value to calculate the effectiveness of project62

Assessment 2

McDonald’s fast food restaurant is one of the well-known brands in the world. With the purpose is always listening to its customers, McDonalds determined to continuously improve its product and quality. Moreover, there are more than 34000 restaurants in 118 countries and serving nearly 69 million people every day. In 2013, McDonald’s is currently researching and preparing the plan to launch the first store in the Vietnam market. As a R & D department, we will show them how to develop fast food in Vietnam market including product, price, promotion and place and collect the significant information that useful for making an informed decision.

Task 1+2
Primary data is a data which have been created specifically for an original source. Advantage| Disadvantage|
* Original source data * Easy to update * Unbiased information| * Expensive * Time consuming * Raw data ad huge data for classifying|

Secondary data is a data which get information from another resource such as books, internet… Advantage| Disadvantage|
* Economical * Time saving * Benchmark for primary data| * Largely-self governed * Data unknown and out of date|

Source: BTEC Level 04 Business Study Guide HNC 5 – “Source of information” – Page 757, 758. As a one in the R& D Department of McDonald’s in Asia Section, both sources of information primary and secondary are chosen to research human needs. * With primary data there are two ways to collect information. First, McDonald can direct interaction with the customer by interviewing such as stopping a group of young people or teenagers, and prepared set of questions to ask them such as: what kinds of food they want to it….Besides, McDonald can use questionnaires online such as McDonald’s home page to let them give some advices about the place,...

References: * Definition of business reports. Source: “ “
* Source: BTEC Level 04 Business Study Guide HNC 5 – “Source of information” – Page 757, 758.
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