Business Communication

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Executive Summery

Study of Business Communication illustrates the different communication way of people toward several objects. It blends elements from psychology, sociology, social anthropology and economics. It attempts to understand the intention of communicating individually and in groups. WIRELESS INTERNET CONNECTION is one of the Wireless Internet Connections in Bangladesh. They started their operations in 2007. Wireless Internet Connection aims to stand out with the motto of bringing a change, creating new paths, new thoughts and help seeing the world with a new eye. Wireless modem serves us the easiest way to communicate throughout the world. Initial chapter shows a general overview of the whole report. As a mandatory part of “Business Communication” course, we had to conduct a research and prepare this report on way how people behave and impact of this behavior on their communication pattern. On the basis information collected from randomly selected 40 respondents through a survey, we have completed all of our analysis and findings in this report.

In the next chapter, there is an overall introduction to “Wireless Internet Connection” and types of facilities they serve to consumers.

This report shows the related information about the Wireless Internet Connection users. The age of the common users, their occupation, and their personality are determined by the survey.

In Chapter 3, we have shown overall findings and analysis about Wireless Internet Connection. We have shown all our analysis by maintaining a consistency with the course topics those have been covered in class.

In the last chapter, conclusion and recommendation for future improvements for Wireless Internet Connection is given.

Chapter 1

1.1 Origin of the report

East West University promotes meaningfully blends of eastern and western thoughts and innovations. To do this EWU provides undergraduate degree in different major subjects like Marketing, HRM, and Finance etc. “Business Communication” (BUS 231) is one of the major courses for a student. Precisely it teaches how individuals feel, think, act and maintain communication with people.

While doing the course we have learned the factors of influencing a peoples’ decision while communicating, their attitude, self-concept, Behavior, and so on. To implement or practically experience all of those issues Kamrul Hassan, course teacher of “Business communication” has given us this assignment.

This report is to be submitted on 15 December.

1.2 Background of the study

A successful marketer must understand psychology and behavior to successfully grip the target market. To fully understand wireless modem’s benefit, its position in the market and how this product communicate with its potential buyers we need to do research. For implementing our theoretical knowledge about Business Communication according to that, we need to make a study on “Wireless Internet Connection”. However, while preparing this report we need to focus on making findings and analysis about the topics those have been covered through our course.

1.3 Objective(s) of the study

1.3.1 Broad Objective:

By doing this report we will be able to know the target market’s profile of WIRELESS INTERNET CONNECTION, their purchase and consumption motives and preferences. We will also be able to know the current market situation of the Wireless Internet Connection Business. We will be exploring the facts that how individuals get influenced towards a Wireless Internet Connection, what do they feel about different Wireless Internet Connections and what are the comparisons. This report will also let us know the possible recommendations for WIRELESS INTERNET CONNECTION.

1.3.2 Specific Objectives:

• Knowing about consumers perception about Wireless Internet Connection • Finding potential market of Wireless Internet Connection • Determining future improvement strategies of...
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