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Finding and Buying a Book Online
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Finding and Buying a Book Online
Create the persona representing a group of online shoppers

I am creating a persona for finding and buying a book online which represents a group of online shoppers. There are some things I need to be aware of prior to creating this persona. For instance, the company will like to not limit themselves to being represented by one end user, because the company would like to market to many different customers coming from a wide variety of areas. So, it is important to understand that this persona is just one of the many different types of individuals we will like to market to. Essentially, we want to have just enough personas to represent one type of user, and also to be remember the personas.

Here is our online bookstores example of a persona of a college student:

Name: Christina Dixon
Age: 19
Job: Barista at Starbucks/Full time college student
School hours: 07:00 AM until 12:00 PM(M-F)
Work hours 12:30 PM until 06:30 PM(M-S)
Education: Currently a Sophmore at Temple University
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Income: $15,000 from work, plus $10,000 stipend paid by grant Technology: Apple Macbook, Apple iPhone, and Apple iPad
Family: 2 older brother (22 and 26 years old), and 2 younger sisters (12 and 16 years old). Hobbies: Video games, soccer, surfing the internet, hiking and reading Goals: Keep up her 4.0 GPA in college, and go on to receive her masters degree shortly after.

Christina Dixon is 19 year old, second year college student. She also plays on the school’s soccer team, and her main hobby is reading. Between school, exercising, and the romantic novels she likes to read, Christina’s head is always buried inside of a book. (Courage & Baxter, K., 2004, p. 51 ).

Prepare a survey to gather information needed to successfully launch this project

If I was preparing...

References: Constant Contact (1996-2008). Sample Survey Questions, Answers and Tips. Constant Contact Team. Retrieved from
Courage, C., & Baxter, K. (2004). Understanding Your Users: A Practical Guide to User Requirements. San Francisco: Morgan Kaufmann Publishers
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