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Activity 1: investigate what a business is and what businesses do. Introduction: My Businesses.
I was asked to choose two businesses which one has to be local and the other has to be national. For this I have chosen Tesco and Sandwiches by Sue as my businesses because I can easily research about them as family and family friends work in both of the businesses, which means my research will be more accurate. I have also chosen them as they both have a store near to me (Tilbury Essex). I have had to research different things about the businesses such as; aims& objectives, ethical or not& how, the purposes etc. I have chosen Tesco as my national business as I shop there quite a bit so I can get a good understanding on how they run the business and the functional areas, I have also chosen Tesco as if I had to gather information in a hurry I can easily travel there. For my local business however I have chosen Sandwiches by Sue as I am a massive stakeholder in this business as I would like to own a cake/sandwich business of my own when I am older which makes me ask for more detailed answers from my research questions. When researching online I didn’t find much information but that doesn’t matter much as I can easily contact them by email/phone/in person/ using letters. Sandwiches by Sue and Tesco are both quite different with the purposes and aims& objectives so I felt they would be good to compare. Research:

For both of my businesses I have conducted research using different ways, for Tesco I have searched the internet, sent a letter to them (which luckily I have a reply) and went to one of their stores and asked a few things. For my small business Sandwiches by Sue I have emailed, interviewed and searched internet for information about them. Purpose of the businesses:

A purpose is the reason the business is out there/ running. The purposes of the local and national businesses could be similar or very different depending on what they do and what they serve. Tesco’s purpose:

Tesco’s purpose is to create a profit and to supply large varieties of goods, which is sold both in store and online. Also they offer a financial service, selling their own credit cards, personal loans, and various types of home insurances. All that on top of supplying home delivery to the online shoppers. The reason they exist is to sell/supply goods and household items to the public so they don’t go without. Sandwiches by Sue’s purpose:

The purpose of Sandwiches by Sue is to provide and sustain a good service to the customers and to be better than the other local cafés and restaurants. They also can provide jobs for people that need a Saturday job. The main purpose is to make a profit; they mainly use products that they have at home to make a bigger profit i.e. using eggs that their own chickens have laid and so on. The reason this business exists is because they Comparing them both:

The purposes of both of the businesses are mostly different but the main purpose of both are the same, they both want to make a profit, however the local business doesn’t want to expand however Tesco, the national business, does so they can become bigger and better. The local business doesn’t have a financial service as they have no need to provide credit cards or home insurance however the national business does as it makes them become a higher achieving national business and also makes Tesco seem a lot better. Tesco’s Aims:

Tesco have quite a few aims, they want to achieve these over a long term. Some of the long term goals/ aims are expanding their stores into many other countries to make a bigger profit, to satisfy their customers they do this by making sure their items are fresh and good quality. Another aim is for them to make a good profit; they do this by trading ethically. They also want to be a competitive business, they want to be the leader having the lowest prices, they also want to make more profit and have more customers than their main competitors. Aims...
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