Topics: Private sector, Mark, Academic dishonesty Pages: 2 (862 words) Published: October 12, 2014
Module: FC099 Business Management
Tutor: Bernardo Muñoz, Steve Jameson
Report Title: Business Report
This Assignment is worth 50% of the overall mark for this module. For this report you need to complete the tasks set out below. Your report should be 2000 -2500 words in length.
The deadline for this piece of work is 3pm Wednesday week 18 Reports must be formally submitted through Turnitin and to academic services before the deadline. Each piece of assessment submitted to student services must have a completed and signed submission form attached. Work submitted after this date will be subject to LIC rules for late submission. TASK:

Choose one organization from the public sector of the economy, one from the voluntary sector, and one from either GlaxoSmithKline or Jaguar Land Rover, which represent the private sector. Write a report about the chosen organizations, which will cover the following points: Section A:

Brief history of the three organizations
Aims and objectives of each one of them
How these organizations are funded
Policies on social responsibility
Section B:
An analytical explanation of why you think one organization has been more successful than the others in achieving its objectives A conclusion outlining what you have learnt from doing this report. Give reasons. (50%)

It is important that you carefully choose pertinent and relevant factors of each organisation in your analysis. DO NOT SHOW OTHER STUDENTS WHAT YOU HAVE WRITTEN – this is collusion and is a serious academic offence. DO NOT COPY ANOTHER STUDENT’S WORK OR FROM ANY OTHER SOURCE – this is plagiarism and is a serious academic offence. Remember, when you submit your work, you sign a declaration confirming that it does not contravene the LIC Regulations on Academic Misconduct. Marking Criteria - Marks for this report are awarded according to the following criteria: The relevance of the factors used to undertake the set task. The quality and depth...
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