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It gives me great pleasure while submitting this project on “WOMEN ENTERPRENUERSHIP

Project on women entrepreneurship?

The study was planned with the following objectives:
* To portray a profile of women entrepreneurs and their enterprises in the small scale sector;

* To explore gender differences in entrepreneurial characteristics;

* To identify problems unique to women in setting up and running their enterprises;

* To document existing policies, programmes, institutional networks and the involvement of support agencies in promoting women's entrepreneurship.

Research Methodology

It is very easy to be theoretical rather than to be practical. But to provide a right direction to the project, I will apply both the methodologies for collecting the data for the project, viz., 1.Primary Sources

2.Secondary Sources

1.Data from primary sources:
Primary data will be collected by surveys of two types-
* Survey to brokerage firms
* Survey to investors
Through this I will come to know the real facts of INDIAN CAPITAL MARKET.

2.Data from secondary sources:
Secondary data will be collected through
* Books
* Magazines
* Newspapers
* Websites etc..



Executive Summary:-

Women in business are a recent phenomenon in India. Women owned businesses are highly increasing in the economies of almost all countries. The hidden entrepreneurial potentials of women have gradually been changing with the growing sensitivity to the role and economic status in the society. Skill, knowledge and adaptability in business are the main reasons for women to emerge into business ventures.’ Women Entrepreneur’ is a person who accepts challenging role to meet her personal needs and...
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