Bus 642 Week 3 Assignment

Topics: Transport, Transport engineering, Intersection Pages: 3 (797 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Making Research Decisions, 5
One of the problems in developing rating scales is the choice of response terms to use. Below are samples of some widely used scaling codes. Do you see any problems with them? a Yes—Depends—No
b Excellent—Good—Fair—Poor
c Excellent—Good—Average—Fair—Poor
d Strongly Approve—Approve—Uncertain—Disapprove— Strongly Disapprove A, because Yes – Depends – No is too vague. Particularly the word ‘depends’ is too vague and you are not able to get a good idea of what the true result is. You need a scale with more degrees and stronger choices to gain a full idea of circumstances.

Terms in Review, 1
Explain how each of the five evaluation factors for a secondary source influences its management decision-making value. a Purpose
b Scope
c Authority
d Audience
e Format
1. Purpose – the reason that you are doing the project in question. Are the time resources and money going to be effective for what you need to accomplish. Scope – to find the subject in check to determine if there is enough information or ways to do what you need to do (funding, people, resources, extent, etc.) Authority – who’s going to be in charge of the program and what type of subject is it? Will there need to be one or two people in charge other than you? Are teams necessary? Audience – who’s being affected by it? Who are you trying to persuade to buy or use your product, etc. Format- review everything including the steps and progress you’ve made so far, and how you’re going to put it together at the end for packaging. 2. Primary – would be the first steps of creating the product with patching all the pitfalls. Secondary- would be evaluating the outcome of the primary, getting feedback from people who have used to the product in order to better the product. Teritary – would include the decisions made in order to alter or fix the product or otherwise mass produce. 3. Secondary data quality will provide information to...

References: Cooper, Shindler (2001) State Farm: Dangerous Intersections. Abstract retrieved on April 27, 2013 from: http://highered.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/dl/free/0073373702/855241/StateFarm_DangerousIntersections.pdf
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