BUS 405 Week 1 Chapter 2 The Investment Process

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This archive file of BUS 405 Week 1 Chapter 2 The Investment Process comprises:

1. Market timing is the:

2. Asset allocation is the:

3. Jesse is researching chemical companies in an effort to determine which company's stock he should purchase. This process is known as:

4. A Roth IRA:

5. A brokerage account in which purchases can be made using credit is referred to as which type of account?

6. Kate just purchased $7,000 worth of stock. She paid $5,000 in cash and borrowed $2,000. In this example, the term margin refers to:

7. Which one of the following best describes the term "initial margin"?

8. The minimum equity that must be maintained at all times in a margin account is called the:

9. When your equity position in a security is less than the required amount
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Week One

Week 1 – DQ1 - Blume’s Formula, Allocation, and Selection   
From Chapter 1, answer Concept Question 5: What is Blume’s formula? When would you want to use it in practice? Also, from Chapter 2, answer Concept Question 4: What is the difference between asset allocation and security selection?  Remember to complete all parts of the questions and support your answers with examples from the text and other resources. 

Week 1 – DQ2 - Money Market Funds 
From Chapter 4, complete Problem 4: The Aqua Liquid Assets Money Market Mutual Fund has a NAV of $1 per share. During the year, the assets held by this fund appreciated by 2.5 percent. If you had invested $50,000 in this fund at the start of the year, how many shares would you own at the end of the year? What will the NAV of this fund be at the end of the year? Why?  Remember to complete all parts of the question, show your work, and report the results of your analysis. 


Week 1- Assignment - Annualized Returns – Chapter 3 problem 18 


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