Burn by Usher RA

Topics: Emotion, Feeling, The Break-Up Pages: 3 (815 words) Published: October 27, 2014
Everyone at some point in their life contemplates if they should breakup with their significant other. The relationship may not be as it once was, consequently, one person may begin to doubt the whole relationship. However, when a couple does break up there are always mixed emotions and confusion. The thought of ending a relationship can turn your whole world upside down and generate all sorts of painful and troubling feelings of confusion. As a result, of these feelings people to tend to rely on music to help them cope. There are many songs that are relatable to a break up but "Burn" is the most successful in conveying it's message. "Burn" is a song by R&B singer Usher, which he wrote with songwriters Jermaine Dupri, Bryan-Michael Cox. The song was produced for Usher's fourth studio album, Confessions , which came out in 2004. "Burn" is about breakup in a relationship, and the audience is quickly able to relate.

Usher's music video to "Burn" corresponds well with the lyrics of the song and uses the visual aspects to portray the underlying meaning. This song, while it sounds like it is written to his current lover, actually takes on the tone of being indirectly addressed to him. He is confused and heartbroken all at once. Usher uses a lot of pathos and allusions to assist in arguing his point. His song lyrics create the mood and then the visual aspects of the music video further his argument. Usher is successful in carrying out his argument because of his visual aspects, lyrics, and tone.

The illustration of the video takes Usher's argument, it gives it a more real and understandable side. It shows how a future breakup can be emotional and confusing on both sides. Usher is singing in his home and you can see the pain in his face while he sings.Towards the end of the video the setting changes to cemetery. The cemetery setting helps the audience understand that Usher has lost his love for good. He also alludes to things like a large portrait of his...
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