English- Burn for Burn Essay

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English CCA essay
Kylie VanDyk

Paranormal is the monster of all love stories. It constantly keeps you guessing and puts you right on

the edge of your seat. Paranormal genre includes elements beyond the range of scientific

explanation, including the traditional fantasy, science-fiction, or horror. The paranormal genre is a very

unique and different type of genre you do not see very often and in this novel, you really experience

that characters are not very fair to one another.

In Burn for Burn you witness a lot of changes within the boundaries of the protagonist's feelings. In

this novel you get a greater understanding of the protagonist's past, how she got where she is now,

elements of her past which make her the person she is today and most importantly how her and her

friends ended up in the relationship they are now in. "You're obviously upset about something, or

maybe you just enjoy spying on people in bathrooms? (Han,67). Looking back onto the genre,

characters feelings really falls under the paranormal point of view in the book.

As you get more into the book, the reader gets a greater understanding of the state of which the

characters stand with each other, which is where betrayal leaks into the story. As the complication

grows stronger and stronger you observe characters hurting each others feelings in ways that are

personal to the characters and are not released to the reader. Also you observe characters ditching

others for no apparent reason, letting feelings and thoughts get the best of them, and last but surely

not least you observe characters turning on others. Characters believe anything they're told and

abandon others in the blink of an eye. Thinking back on the paranormal genre, you see that betrayal

and paranormality fall under the same type of definition. "You're such trash Kat!" (Han,45)

Finally the novel portrays some unusual events that you would not normally...
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