RA 10627

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Republic Act 10627 (Anti-Bullying Act of 2013) and Its Implementing Rules and Regulations

Bullying (RA 10627)

Any severe or repeated use by one or more students of a written, verbal or electronic expression, or a physical act or gesture, or any combination thereof, directed at another student that has the effect of actually causing or placing the latter in reasonable fear of physical or emotional harm or damage to his property; creating a hostile environment at school for the other student; infringing on the rights of the other student at school; or materially and substantially disrupting the education process or the orderly operation of a school; such as, but not limited to, the following: Any unwanted physical contact between the bully and the victim; Any act that causes damage to a victim’s psyche and/or emotional well-being; Any slanderous statement or accusation that causes the victim undue emotional distress; and Cyber-bullying or any bullying done through the use of technology or any electronic means. Bullying includes :

“Cyber- bullying” or any bullying done through the use of technology or any electronic means. The term shall also include any conduct resulting to harassment, intimidation, or humiliation, through the use of other forms of technology, such as, but not limited to texting, email, instant messaging, chatting, internet, social media, online games, or other platforms or formats as defined in DepED Order No. 40, s. 2012; and Any other form of bullying as may be provided in the school’s child protection or anti-bullying policy, consistent with the Act and this IRR.

“Social bullying”
- any deliberate, repetitive and aggressive social behavior intended to hurt others or to belittle another individual or group.

“Gender-based bullying”
- any act that humiliates or excludes a person on the basis of perceived or actual sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) Adoption of Anti-Bullying Policies
All elementary and secondary schools are directed to adopt policies to address the existence of bullying in their respective institutions.(Sec. 3, RA 10627) All public and private kindergartens are also covered. (IRR)

Contents of School Policies Addressing Bullying (RA 10627)

a. Prohibited acts
b. Range of disciplinary administrative actions that may be taken against a perpetrator for bullying or retaliation which shall be commensurate with the nature and gravity of the offense and a rehabilitation program which shall be administered by the institution concerned. c. Prevention and Intervention

d. Procedure

Prohibited Acts (RA 10627)

1. Bullying at the following:
a. school grounds;
b. property immediately adjacent to school grounds;
c. school sponsored or school-related activities, functions or programs whether on or off school grounds; d. school bus stops;
e. school buses or other vehicles owned, leased or used by a school; f. school buses or school services privately-owned but accredited by the school.

2. Bullying through the use of technology or an electronic device or other forms of media owned, leased or used by a school; 3. Bullying at a location, activity, function or program that is not school-related and through the use of technology or an electronic device or other forms of media that is not owned, leased or used by a school; and

4. Retaliation against a person who reports bullying, who provides information during an investigation of bullying, or who is a witness to or has reliable information about bullying


Adopt and implement a child protection or anti-bullying policy in accordance with this IRR and submit the same to the Division Office; Provide students and their parents or guardians a copy of the child protection or anti-bullying policy adopted by the school. Such policy shall likewise be included in the school’s student and/or employee handbook and shall be conspicuously posted on...
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