Burger King Case Study

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Burger King Case Study
In the fast food world the market for the consumer’s dollars is as cutthroat as in any market out there. So far McDonald’s and its golden arches have reined supreme, leaving the leftovers for the likes of Wendy’s and Burger King. After several years of steadily declining profits, and upset franchisees, Burger King decided it was time for a change, both in its approach towards it marketing structure to the way it built and supplied new locations. With this desire to change the way the world looked at Burger King, and create new interest in their products, BK introduced its “Ace-in-the-hole”, the King. It was the rebirth of a retro BK adds campaign redone for the 21st century. I’m going to look at the changes in BK target market, as well as looking at their marketing mix used to tap into the fast food market. Also, I will discuss my beliefs about the effectiveness as well the appropriateness of BK push to market primarily to males 18-35 years old and then finally to look and see if BK strategic market planning paid off.

The decision to change the approach Burger King took to marketing its products evolved from extensive environmental scanning and analysis that their marketing considered carefully when designing their marketing mix. The four P’s of their marketing mix are as follows: Their product is made up of primarily fast food items ranging from new competitively priced value menu options, to a line of premium menu options that have a higher profit margin for the store. BK has also introduced a line of “indulgent” products designed to attract the heavy fast food traffic. “Burger King hopes to strengthen its stance among what it calls the “superfan” — someone who goes to fast-food burger restaurants about 16 times a month and likes sports, movies, music and video games. The typical “superfan” uses about five of those visits at Burger King, Chidsey said(Assoc. Press, 2007).” Price is designed to be competitive...

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