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Bullying in School

By jjack107 May 11, 2013 965 Words
How Bullying affects children in School
Why would a child begin to bully other children? If someone has been a victim of bullying, they would probably say there's no excuse for bullying. And in the real world everyone is correct there is no reason for bullying not matter what the excuses will be. When we understand the causes and effects of bullying then we can address the ever growing problem in schools.

A lot of bullies in school lack empathy for the person they are picking on. Most kids learn bullying while they are at home where there is little to no parental supervision and where aggression towards the children is used to maintain obedience in the house. When a child feels inadequate and jealous is another reason for a child to bully in school. In most cases you will see that attitude towards the victim will be because of someone's race, social standing in school and culture. When a person lacks compassion and empathy you will also see that bullying is a lot more common among children.

When a child doesn't have parental supervision or is being bullied by another family member in the house or the child is allowed to do whatever they want, the child will not learn self control. (Martin, Maria) When the child acts out and has bad behavior and the parent doesn't punish the child for his or her behavior this will sometimes empower them to dominate other children when they are at school. If parents don't set limitations for their child because they were abused as a child this sometimes will lead them not to use disciplinary measures because they might see this as a form of abuse.

However aggressive behavior from the parents can cause children to act out at school and cause them to bully other kids. If a child sees their parents show aggression towards their partner, children will adopt this behavior and act out at school. (Smokowski PR, Kopasz, KH) This leads to teachers not being able to control this type of behavior in school since they are need parents to help change this behavior. Also when a child is jealous of other children they will show resentment because some child might be getting more attention than they are. This could lead to a child spreading rumors, calling the other child names and even belittling the child to the point of making them feel lesser than them. This will cause the person to not feel as popular and lower the social status. Since the causes have been identified let's look at the effects of bullying.

When we find a child that is tired, frustrated and feeling withdrawn from everyone. We need to stop and ask the questions to see if they are being bullied. And you need to remember that if children witness someone getting bullied they are affected also. This will sometimes induce fear in that child and will detract their ability to concentrate at school.

How many times has your child come home and felt depressed and stressed out? We see children with anxiety, low self esteem, isolated from other and sometimes they will feel complete hopelessness. A lot of times the effects of a child being bullied will last a long time, sometimes until they are adults. When children are bullied in school it's a permanent scare that will live with them forever.

Other effects of bullying will lead children to having physical symptoms, if a child is having sleeping problems or headaches, this can be from them being afraid of going to school and even ride the bus. Most children being bullied will start to lose interest in school and have problem concentrating on homework or classroom work. Self confidence will seem to fade when children are bullied. So many times we watch the news and see a child committing suicide due to bullying and sometimes they may lash out at other students.

You may be asking yourself how I can stop a child from getting bullied when you don't see it happening. The best way to make a change is to start talking with your child or start instilling the correct values and morals in your child. Everything I have discussed will help you understand how bullying affects every child, teach them to stand up and not be afraid to tell a teacher or a parent.

We need to understand that a child is not able to handle this type of problem since the issue is about power over another, but parents and teachers need to address the problem and stop this behavior. Show them how to hold their head up and teach them to do their best in school and talk to them on how bullying is wrong and maybe we can put a stop to this virus once and for all. Because in the long run bullying has a detrimental effect on our children it will erode their self confidence, cause health problems and finally ruin their life if we don't stop this behavior when it starts.

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