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“Why Are Bullies Bullying?”
The topic of bullying amongst preteens has hit a sky high attention around the nation. Tons of stories and articles about teen suicide caused by bullying are sitting at the front desks of our President, our administration leaders, and our family/friends at home. We as a country are trying to find ways or actions to reduce the number of victims to this terrible issue.”Bullying is usually defined as a form of aggression in which one or more children intend to harm or disturb another child who is perceived as being unable to defend himself or herself”(Smokowski). But first we as the people have to understand what actually causes these teens to act in such a way that they begin to bully in school. Of course there are many reasons of why they act this way, but we really have to consider the more convincing ones and understand them completely to hit the heart of the issue. First off is the debate on how media causes children to bully. Anything that they would see on the television would cause them to act exactly the same way in real life. Studies have shown that certain groups of teenagers are prone to act out violently/ aggressively because of media influences For example, any wrestling or fighting shows could possibly cause them to act in a violent way towards others. This might be a reason why we see fighting in school amongst teens because they see this on the TV and they think standing up for themselves in that way is right but in reality its not. Along with the reality TV shows that gives off many horrible stereotypes which make these children think that the reality on TV has to be the same as the reality of real life. As Robert Roy Britt says in his article “TV Turns Kids into Bullies,” “Children who watch a lot of television are more prone to push other kids around, according to the research.” Television has become more and more shocking over the years, allowing more vulgarity, more gore, and more rude behavior than ever before. . And exposing this to our children is only going to make them act as if they are someone that they are not Secondly this topic brings me to my second cause of a term called cyber bullying. Cyber Bullying is the bullying that takes place over electronic technology. Some common example are smartphones, computers, or tablets. We see the bullying itself happen in chat rooms, emails and social media websites (Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, ect). We also commonly see cyber bullying through text messaging in our day in age. Cyber bullying is so common today because it is so much easier for children to show their anger and thoughts over words on a screen then face to face. Cyberbullying is usually not a one time communication, unless it involves a death threat or a credible threat of serious bodily harm. Kids usually know it when they see it, while parents may be more worried about the language used by the kids than the hurtful effect of rude and embarrassing posts. “Cyberbullying can happen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and reach a kid even when he or she is alone. It can happen any time of the day or night” (What). The reason why it’s so easy and happens all the time is because the social media websites don’t have any control over it. There are millions of people surfing the web each day and they are always on these social media sites. People use these websites to express themselves, meet up with family, and communicate through. But when words are tossed around in a negative way it is considered bullying. Cyber bullying involves sending harassing emails or text messages, making derogatory social network postings, or even just revealing personal information about a victim without their consent in an attempt to embarrass them. “Opportunities for self-affirmation and self-expression provided by the Internet can quickly become vehicles for denigration and cyber bullying” (Kowalski). Kowalski point is a great one. Being a member of Facebook and Twitter, I commonly see this on a...

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