Building a Global Brand

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OSIM is a multinational company that markets, distributes and franchises a comprehensive range of healthy lifestyle products, which cover four key areas such as health, fitness, hygiene and nutrition. The objective of OSIM is to cultivate in consumer a positive outlook toward life and healthy living through the shopping experience. Brand identity is how the company wants the consumer to perceive their product or their brand. The brand identity of OSIM is a combination of the founder’s last name, Sim and the letter “O”, which represented the company’s aim to be a global leader in healthy lifestyle. The OSIM brand names was selected due to its being pleasant sounding, easy for consumer to remember and pronounce and also to create a positive recall among consumers. The corporate brand name OSIM was used as its umbrella brand identity. Its allow the company to extend this brand to specific products such as the OSIM Millennium, a massage chair, and the OSIM Mermaid vacuum cleaner. OSIM marketing strategies are focusing on wide geographic market coverage and a comprehensive point of sales network. OSIM has used concept shops as a point of leverage on its brand value. In these concept shops, OSIM has focused on two key features which is ambiance and shopping experience. Using this concept, it will make OSIM consumer feel more secure and have a comfortable experience in the store. The branding strategy reflects the nature of new and existing brands element to be applied to new and existing products. As a multinational company, OSIM branding strategies are to extend their brand to specific products and also introduce a new product. In order to achieve their strategy, OSIM has introduced a new corporate logo, advertising taglines to keep the customer informed of their new products and also engaged several popular celebrities to endorse their products and the concept of healthy living. Besides that, OSIM also involve in...
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